Friday, August 19, 2016

Discover Taiwan’s best brands at TriNoma, August 19 to 21

We're in for a treat!

A wide selection of high-quality products from Taiwan’s best brands will be showcased at the third Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone. It's happening this weekend (August 19 to 21) at TriNoma mall in Quezon City.

Now this is something I'd want to see and experience.

Led by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and in partnership with the Taiwanese government, the three-day event is an interactive showcase of brands that bear the Taiwan Excellence seal.

This seal assures customers of the products’ superior quality.

Over 140 products from 54 Taiwan Excellence-accredited brands will be showcased. Products range from gadgets, home appliances, personal care products, to fitness gears.

Some of the featured items include STRIDA’s durable bicycles designed for convenient and reliable urban transport, SH-RD’s protein cream that avoids hair damage and promises softer and shinier hair, and FECA’s storage-ware that help in maximizing spaces at home.

Gigs, fashion shows, games, and raffle draws are also in store. Watch out for performances by Silent Sanctuary (August 19), Callalily (August 20), and Up Dharma Down (August 21).

Booth tours and brand presentations will be present. Selling booths from brands such as Tatung, MSI, FECA, and Asus will also be available, while generous discounts from brands like Kymco, MSI, Pacific, Tatung, Tern, and Thermaltake will be offered.

Let's not miss out on these treats from Taiwan Excellence-approved brands this weekend. Again, it's at TriNoma only from August 19 to 21.

See you there? Hao!

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Late Realizations About the Rizal Shrine

We were in Calamba that morning for an errand. On the way home, my Dad asked if I wanted to visit Jose Rizal's house.

Since I've never been there before, I didn't mind the side trip. 

My parents stayed in the car while I explored the place. I didn't have much time to absorb and read much, let alone take too much pictures. Museum pala siya?

I had 10 minutes. I breezed through it, masabi lang na nakapunta ako doon. 

Statue of young Jose Rizal
Here are some of the stuff I learned afterwards, while trying to write this entry:

1. OMG! It's a replica?!
Yep. The current structure is a replica of the original ancestral house of Rizal's family. 

2. Maraming pinagdaanan yung bahay.
It took two years to build the original ancestral house. Spanish authorities confiscated it in 1891. One of Rizal's brothers reoccupied the house during the Philippine Revolution, but lost it again to the friars. It was then sold, destroyed during World War II, and then demolished. *whew!*

3. It cost Php 24,000!
That was during the 1940s, though. The government bought what remained of the Rizal House for Php 24,000. Pretty cheap now but back then, it was probably expensive.

4. There was an E.O. to reconstruct the house.
In 1949, President Elpidio Quirino passed Executive Order No.145 to have the house reconstructed on the same site and built from the same materials from that period.

5. The remains of Rizal's parents are there.
These are located at the right side of the house. I didn't see this, TBH. 


There's no entrance fee required to explore the museum. Donations are welcome, though.

I also got to explore the small souvenir shop at the back. Was quite disappointed that items for sale were generic. I was hoping that there was something uniquely Jose Rizal there. 

The place is ideal for field trips. It also makes a great setting for photo shoots. 

I wish I had spent a bit more time there for quiet time. 

Map of Rizal Shrine
JP Rizal St., Calamba, Laguna

PREDICTION: Will Leni Need to Step Down as VP?

Rather than feeling overjoyed watching Leni Robredo take her oath and delivering her inaugural speech as the country's newest Vice President, I honestly felt tense.

Something just felt off. Maybe it was just me.

With Bongbong Marcos filing an electoral protest versus Robredo at the Supreme Court, there's the looming question of "What if he wins?"

This worries me.

(Photo from

I did a reading just now to try and enlighten myself with the situation. What is it that we need to know about Leni now that she's VP? Will she have to step down?

Recently, something happened that wasn't decided on fairly or perhaps something just wasn't in Leni's favor. Visual: Justice scales. (Maybe this is the electoral protest issue in Supreme Court?)

Now, there's so much noise, talk, issues, drama. Daming ingay, in general. There seems to be no quiet time for Leni these days. This is a new feeling for her as she takes the plunge as VP.

Coincidentally, as with my latest reading on Duterte, what will help her is temperance. Leni just needs to keep it together. It's a balancing act. And when everything may seem to go wrong, she needs to be the rock.

On the inside, strangely (and surprisingly), Leni may seem to be losing hope. It's as if she feels she can't reach for the stars, contrary to my previous reading on her. And in her actions, she doesn't seem to be relaxed in her new role.

Soon, an "institution", either a person with a large following or a revered office, may make itself greatly felt and may affect Leni. Hopefully, this will be to her favor but at this point, I am unsure.

As advice from the cards: Progress slowly. It's as if telling Leni not to do anything just yet. If I heard Leni correctly, she's raring to go out into the marginalized sectors soonest. Like, tomorrow?

As a final outcome of the reading, the cards show some form of blockage of the good fight and perhaps stepping down. This honestly does not make sense to me and on a personal note, I hope this won't come true.

Heavy reading, if you ask me.

PREDICTION: Duterte as Best President?

I woke up late and went straight to work. That's my excuse for not watching the inauguration of our new President. Good thing videos from the live streaming are on YouTube!

Duterte's inaugural speech was... in straight English! No curse words. Very formal. I'm very impressed with his metamorphosis!

This inspired to do a reading on Duterte now that he's officially in power.

(Photo by

He doesn't say this but I feel that Duterte wants to bring the Philippines back to its glory days. Perhaps this was when he graduated from school. He wants to bring back the happy memories of the Philippines he once experienced and probably with the peers he had then.

A few weeks back, he's been quiet and out of the limelight. It's as if he's gone on a retreat. He's spent a lot of quiet time trying to psych himself to be President and probably listening to advisers.

On the inside, Duterte probably has thoughts of wanting to bail but he knows that it's not the right thing to do. He knows that this is a battle that he has to fight and it's a battle worth fighting. And we see this in him--how he wants to make the Philippines flourish, how he is doing a lot already to make this work. He's got this under control.

In the next few weeks, people--or perhaps one person--will try to control him, use him, or corrupt him. But Duterte will resist this. He will not fall into the clutches of evil. He will be incorruptible.

Being the President of the Philippines will naturally lend him to experience both the highs and lows of this country. This is part of the circle of life. What will help Duterte in these moments is temperance--self restraint. It's a balancing and juggling act, really.  And today, he showed that it can be done.

As a final outcome, the cards show that Duterte will be a great and courageous President--someone who is able to tame the evil forces around him and may bring the Philippines back to its glory days.

Will he be the best President we ever had?