Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kylie Minogue in Manila!

10:30 AM yesterday. My office mate asked if I wanted to watch Kylie that night.

"Hhhmm... not really," I said, "And are there still tickets?!"

"I'm booking Gen-Ad tickets now. P840. C'mon! Let's go!"

"Uhm..... Okay!"

That has been the best impulsive decision I've made in my life.

See you later, Kylie!

5 minutes before the lights went out. Poor Kylie when she sees this! :(

The crowd just went wild when the lights went out.  The Patron area flooded with fans and empty seats were filled--except for this huge chunk in Upper B. Still, great turnout despite heavy traffic and pricey tickets!

There she is in that blob of light!

After watching and experiencing Kylie last night, my respect and admiration for her just shot up 1,000,000%. I just couldn't get enough. We screamed like total fan girls, sang our hearts out and danced like it was the last night of our lives.

Great performance. Great set. Great costumes. Great production. Great concert!

Filipino concerts should strive to be this phenomenal. Yes we can!

It's commendable that Kylie sang all throughout! She didn't miss out any of her most popular songs. We just loved her funny and and becky dance moves. The entire concert was so gay... in the best way, of course!

Props to her awesome backup singers Roxie and Lucy!

Blast from the past: "Especially for You". I teared up!

When "All The Lovers" played, the gay couple beside us started kissing!

Gold confetti! Everyone was genuinely happy--including Kylie.

For a performance like that, the pricey tickets didn't seem so pricey anymore. I wouldn't mind spending WAY more than what I did. I just couldn't believe that a few weeks ago, I even declined a friend's invitation to watch!

I'll definitely be watching up close the next time Kylie comes to town. As to when that'll be, we'll have to wait and see.

All hail Kylie: the living Aphrodite!

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