Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pickpockets in Buendia!

I've heard horror stories of commuters being pick-pocketed. Yesterday, one unfolded right before me--and I was the victim.

My phone was stolen in less than 5 seconds. This was while trying to get on the bus in Buendia.

The Buendia bus stop during rush hour is a pickpocket's haven.

I lost my balance on the first step because the bus suddenly moved. This made me reach for both sides of the doorway because there wasn't anything to hold on to. As I held on (for dear life), this guy from behind forced his way in. It seemed as if he lost his balance, too, because he also reached for the door. It was weird because his arm just had to go over and under my right elbow just to hold on.

For 3 seconds, I couldn't move because of the weight of his arm. I panicked silently because I couldn't move!

The guy looked at me with wide taunting eyes. "Kamay mo!!!"

He eventually let go.

When I got to the next step, I instinctively checked my pockets. The left one was empty. My phone was gone.

According to fellow commuters, pickpockets usually strike during rush hour. Some say that it's hourly. I guess I was the 9am catch.

These pickpockets work in groups of two or three to prey on one commuter. They strike when there's a crowd shoving their way into the bus. In my case, they were the crowd.

Without your realizing, they've trapped and distracted you in the bus' doorsteps. Iipitin ka talaga! In seconds, someone from behind grabs your valuables and walks away. It's that easy. Even if it's deep in your tight pocket, you won't notice that someone is digging his hand in there while another is busy distracting you.

Be safe, everyone! Beware of pickpockets!