Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Army Navy's in Valero!

After an extra productive day at work, I treated myself to dinner here:

Army Navy is fairly new to Valero St. in Makati. It's my first time at this branch!

Here's a view from the seats outside. 

While waiting for my order, a fat becky approached this cute Afam seated across from me. Ugly Becky introduced himself as being poor and that he needed transportation money. 

Simple ways much?  

My all-time favorite Breakfast Burrito:
Flour Tortilla filled with longganisa, toasted hash-browns and scrambled eggs. 

P165 well spent. 

I usually order Freedom Fries and Libertea iced-tea to go with it. But not tonight. Unfortunately, I'm on a budget. 

While the food is yummy, Army Navy isn't my everyday meal. It's too expensive to have daily. That's why I reserve it for "special" days like today.

What was left from dinner. 
See the oil puddles? *burp*

When will this branch start issuing ORs? I still can't charge my OT meals! 

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