Thursday, August 11, 2011

Illegal Carpool Taxis

Recently, I avoided the MRT and lined up for the carpool taxi in Quezon Avenue. For P60, the taxi would take me, plus four other passengers, to Makati. 

I'm sure that all of us in line know that this is illegal. Nobody seems to care, though. 

Look. Who benefits?
  1. Me and my fellow commuters! Instead of spending P200+ on a solo taxi ride to Makati, we spend just P60! I even get dropped off at my building's doorstep!
  2. The barker! They earn P50 per cab! 
  3. The taxi drivers! Instant P250 and it's not even 9am yet!
  4. Mother Earth! Since this is a carpool system, less cars = less pollution!
The downside? 
  1. More expensive compared to riding the MRT. P60 vs P12.
  2. Longer ride compared to the MRT. It's a half hour to an hour's difference. 
  3. Cramped. But it's more cramped in the MRT.
  4. Taxi companies suffer. They end up earning less because people carpool.
  5. Government loses money. Is this really an issue? 
The benefits outweigh the drawbacks. What do you think?

I'm not saying that the government should make this legal just because it's rampant. Since carpooling has many benefits, they should find a legal way to continue this...whether it's developing a legal public carpool system or improve the existing public transport systems. 

In the meantime, here are some tips should you end up ride the morning carpool taxis:
  1. Barya lang po sa umaga. 
  2. Tell the driver ahead of time where you'd like to be dropped off.
  3. Try to sit in front. It's most comfortable. 
  4. Avoid sitting at the left side of the cab so the sun won't be in your face.
"Love your ride!"

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