Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moon Leaf in Katipunan

Moon Leaf Katipunan on a Saturday afternoon.
In all fairness, the drinks in Moon Leaf are actually good! It's living up to the positive reviews I've read so far. 

I've also been hearing good things about its competitor, Serenitea. That, I still have to try. 

Surprisingly, there were so many people at Moon Leaf's little stall behind Katipunan. For first timers, your landmark would probably be its crowd lining up along Abada street. It's hard not to spot--even on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

That's my Lychee Yakult with bubbles--three of my favorites in one drink. Pure heaven! For less than a hundred bucks, notice how big the drink is! 

This could actually go well with a shot of brandy! (Alcoholic?!)

Oh, the Hakka Milk Tea is also worth trying! 

Not to burst anyone's bubble... but Quickly, for me, still reigns supreme. Would Moon Leaf or Serenitea care to have a head-on Taro Taro competition with Quickly?

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