Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Subic Long Weekend

My long weekend was spent at Subic with college block mates. 

Mother Nature was seriously acting up so our plans of swimming didn't really push through. We did go to Anvaya Cove just to have lunch, though. 

Waiting for lunch to be served.

We bummed around mostly and just bonded with each other--reminiscing the good 'ol days in college, talking about... well, people, and catching up on each others' adventures. It's one of the best feelings.

Lazy day... love life drama.

Facebook-ing and stalking before sleeping.

I remember what Sev Sarmenta wrote in his blog about running back to classmates: 
"‎...we trust people who knew us when we were nobody in the world. Some were even classmates from prep and they knew you when you couldn’t find a hanky to blow your nose or couldn’t make it in time for the toilet." 
That's us!
(Minus one because he took the photo)
Really. "Nothing beats seeing each other again no matter how old you’ve become or what you’ve done in the world lately." 

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