Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tara Let's, Philippines!

Five years ago, the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) launched the "Biyahe Tayo" music video as part of the "WOW Philippines!" campaign. 

Goosebumps. Teary eyes. I remember watching this over and over again. This made me extra proud to be Pinoy. I wanted to do everything the song mentioned!

Even our college thesis was inspired to help promote Philippine tourism. It was an attempt to create a comprehensive travel guide for the Filipino youth. 

Our thesis: "Tara Let's, Philippines!"
Logo design by Pow Santillan

With thesis mates Fidz and Giapeps in Vigan! We had such a blast!

Recently, the DOT launched a new campaign: "Pilipinas, Tara na!" (Very similar to our thesis, don't you think? Hehe.) An updated version of Biyahe Tayo was developed. This is the first of three videos:

"Nakapag-uwi ka na ba ng perlas mula Greenhills Sulu?" LOL.

The DOT probably figured that people needed new sights to see and adventures to plan. I actually like how the song mentions things that are so near to us--activities that we may take for granted: bargaining in Greenhills and Divisoria--even buying world-class shoes from Marikina! (Although I've never thought of buying shoes there.)

Let's go, DOT! Regardless if the campaign targets the Filipinos, the youth, OFWs or foreigners, just keep promoting the Philippines! And, oh, trust your ad agency this time.

Tara Let's, Philippines!

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