Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Typhoon Pedring: No Work!

Very. Very. Rainy... and Windy.
I tried to brave the storm this morning to try and go to work. Leaving the village, I was advised to head home already. It was the best news of the morning... like an answered prayer.

Simultaneously, a transformer in front gave a fireworks display. It wasn't too celebratory, though. Power was out when I got home.

The rain kept falling (and still is). It was extra windy this morning, too! I thought that Pedring was mostly going to bring rain?

As selfish as it sounds, I couldn't have been happier to sleep in until past lunch. I was smiling (kilig and all) while tucking myself into bed.

Here's Pedring from my perspective today:

So many scattered leaves!

Deformed plants in the plant box.  

Our semi-flooded balcony. Playing again with reflections.

One of our trees just snapped in half!

An important learning: always charge your batteries while there's still electricity. Good thing the electricity was back right when my phone was near empty.

I hope that everyone's safe and sound.

Friday, September 9, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

I believe that there's a karmic reaction to everything that we do. Do good or bad and it'll come back twenty-fold (or more). This I've been told.

When something bad happens, people believe that it's a punishment for something negative done in the past. Retaliating and revenge continues the karmic cycle. It is said that genuine forgiveness and acceptance prevents the negativity from happening again. At the end of the day, it strengthens relationships.

Last year, a family friend died after getting hit by a car. Freak accident, really. Her family accepted it as her fate and karma. To avoid negative karmic repercussions in the future, the driver was intentionally freed from any charges by the family.

I was so bothered by this.

Where does one's moral responsibility fit in the picture? It's an internal struggle, really. Conscience or fear of Karma? If you ask me, it's following one's conscience to do the right thing and for the greater and common good of all.

This, above all, will reap good karma. I hope I'm right.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Haven't Been Dating... Now What?

People have been asking if I've been dating lately. Well, not really. I'm all for meeting new people but dating, as in romantically? Nah.

I guess I'm scared--scared to start anew, play these mind games again and get hurt. It also doesn't help that I've never really dated. The manang in me comes out in these situations.

I'm also scared of possibly dating some random guy knowing that his objective is just to get into my pants. How scary is that?! Men have their needs, I know, but please, I don't want to be involved in this hanky panky. I'm not that desperate yet. Let's face it. We all know that these "relationships" end up short lived.

I want someone for keeps.

As I wrote in a previous blog entry, I want a romantic relationship born out of friendship. That's why I'd rather meet new people without any expectations rather than go out on a date with someone who's already considering me as a life partner candidate... or someone who just wants to get into my pants.

The Notebook captures my sentiments exactly:
Having a relationship that’s based out of friendship makes your relationship more substantial and less fleeting instead of one based out of infatuation. That’s not to say that “love at first sight” doesn’t exist and can’t develop into a lasting and fruitful relationship.
I wish that a new Prince Charming will come. But I'm not really on the lookout. Who knows, he could already be in my midst without anyone noticing. Not even I.