Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review: No Other Woman

I still don't know what to think of Now That You’re Gone No Other Woman.

I left the theater neither raving nor feeling disappointed--much like after watching One Day. Maybe it was the hype. 

No doubt the acting was terrific. Both Christine Reyes and Anne Curtis were out of their elements and they kicked ass. ("Hindi ako ito! Hindi ako itooo!") They were both so hot, too! Nakakatibo.

Perhaps I just didn't like the ending. How can a wife possibly be friends with her husband's mistress, or even be civil about it? 

Sorry for the spoiler but what level of maturity does one need to have to be able to do this?! I just don't get it. But anyway, that's the story being told and we can't really do anything about it. At least it wasn't expected. 

I just feel that no matter how much one has moved on, c'mon, there's always going to be that tint of hate. A bit of awkwardness, perhaps? Oh, a cocked eyebrow, at least.

This is me talking from inexperience. Though I wonder how I’d react to this if I had been cheated on or if I were the "other woman". (other woman?!)

Some things I picked up from the movie. Healthy reminders for all of us:
1. Don't be a home wrecker. There are many fishes in the sea.
2. Trust your gut. 
3. Choose your battles wisely. 
4. An apology is different from asking for forgiveness.
5. Love is a decision. (Hello, Scott Peck!)

What do you think of the movie?


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