Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Wardrobe Essentials for a Winter Vacation

One of my major concerns while planning for our Tokyo trip was what to wear. Seriously!

Aside from not having any clothes to endure the February chill, there was also the bigger concern on how to look decent in pictures without spending a fortune on winter wear. Concerns, I know.

Here are my 10 wardrobe essentials to survive the 0*C temperature in Tokyo:
  1. Snow Hat - Or anything that keeps your head warm. Bonus points if it covers the ears! There were times in the day when I didn’t need it but when it got cold at night, I was glad to have brought one along. 
  2. Scarf  - I bought the thickest one I could find, which happened to be P150 at ukay-ukay! It definitely warms the neck and it could be your outfit's accent piece. *accent piece?!*
  3. Thermal Underwear  These look funny on but it’s not seen anyway. Improvised thermals could be thick t-shirts or baseball shirts. Rash guards are said to do the trick, too. Alternatives for the bottom would be thick leggings. 
  4. Long-sleeved Polo - This goes well with a cardigan or jacket.

  5. Cardigan (or Sweater) - I wore this under my jacket all the time. If it got a bit warm, I’d take it off. Though indoors, I’d remove my jacket and have my cardigan on. 

  6. Thick JacketSince I didn’t want to spend P5,000 on a new one, I visited the nearest ukay-ukay. I got a bubble jacket for just P100! Big defense against the freezing temperature! I bought a shorter one at roughly the same price.
  7. Mittens - Although wearing one made texting and taking pictures challenging, it was even more difficult not having one on. I brought two pairs as options but even when I wore both at the same time, my fingers still went numb! Better to have thick gloves. 

  8. Jeans - Slim fits are definite no-nos! They might not fit with thermals on. 
  9. Thick Socks Turns out mine weren’t enough. It was so hard to walk at night because my feet were freezing. Perhaps an additional layer would have been better.   
  10. Shoes - I didn’t want to spend for boots so I opted for thick shoes that would be comfy for long walks, keep my feet kinda warm, and roomy for the thick socks. Bonus points if these are waterproof (just in case there’s snow). 

Boy Wander in winter wear!
I ended up looking a bit Russian. 

Best tip everIt’s easier to remove a layer than not having enough layers to remove. 

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