Thursday, March 8, 2012

CEBU: Oslob-Moalboal-Camotes Island 5D/4N Itinerary

The first time I was in Cebu was with my parents eight years ago. They were on a business trip and I tagged along. It was a relaxing trip. We explored Cebu City and stayed at a resort in Mactan.

I was back in Cebu recentlythis time, with college friends. Totally awesome! 

The number in our group changed daily because of work schedules. We started with six, grew to 10, and towards the end of the trip, we were down to three.

So that's where Cebu really is!
Highlights of our trip include:  
  • Swimming with whale sharks in Oslob
  • Snorkeling around Moalboal
  • Exploring the unpopular but beautiful wonders of Camotes Island

If you've explored Cebu City already and want a different kind of adventure, try going to these places!

Day 1: Manila - Cebu City 
Day 2: Cebu City Oslob Moalboal 
Day 3: Moalboal Cebu City
Day 4: Cebu City Camotes Island 
Day 5: Camotes Island - Cebu City - Manila

Click here to download our detailed 5D/4N itinerary. This outlines everything that we did, including costs and notes. Kudos to my friend Ada for planning!

My total spending was around Php 9,700 which includes airfare and accommodations. Average of around Php 1,900 a day. Not bad at all! This doesn't include souvenirs and pasalubong, though

I wouldn't recommend this itinerary to those who don't like roughing it out. Sleepless nights and long bus rides may not be everybody’s thing. For those who don’t mind, go for it! 

We're tight like that! Squished in a van headed back to Cebu City from Moalboal. 



  1. Hi!

    I'm so glad that there are more pinoy travel bloggers like you! We really enjoy reading your posts and as if we also travel along with you. :-)

    Kind regards and more travels to come, family

  2. Thanks for the itinerary! me and my friends are going to cebu(oslob & moalboal) this june. Was it hard for you to commute in Cebu?

    1. Hi Allen,

      Commuting in Cebu wasn't too hard. We just had a hard time from Cebu City to Oslob because there were a lot of people. Some, like me, had to sit on plastic stools in the aisle. But it was alright. Malamig pa yung bus.

      But if we weren't sure as to the type of bus to ride, where the stations are, we'd ask the locals. Mabait naman sila.

      Hope this helps. Have fun in your trip!


    2. Thanks Henson! Another question, what terminal in cebu city? is it the south bus terminal? and how do you get to Moalboal from Oslob? Same bus? thanks!!!

    3. Hi Allen!

      Yup! Going to Oslob from Cebu City, ride the bus at the South Cebu Bus Station. Cost is around P155.

      From Oslob going to Moalboal:
      1) From whale-watching site, ride passing bus going to Bato Bus terminal. Most of the buses are headed there. Cost is around P50
      2) From Bato Bus Terminal, ride bus going to Moalboal Bus Terminal. Cost is around P70--I think.

      Hope this helps!


  3. oh, i'm so glad i saw your page. thank you for sharing a very detailed itinerary. at least now i know that there are buses heading to oslob at 3am. i've been wondering about that. good luck to your next adventures! <3

    1. Hi Reg!
      Thanks for the kind words! Enjoy your trip :D