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Day Tour in Camotes Island, Cebu

For what Camotes Island has to offer, I don’t think it's been getting the credit it deserves.

Sure, there are a few resorts around and parks set-up. Sadly, though, there weren't a lot of tourists. Or was it because we just happened to be there on a Monday? I swear. Camotes is a must-go-to place in Cebu.

Traveling from Cebu City to Camotes Island is easy: 
  1. Go to the Cebu City bus terminal bound for Danao City
  2. Take a non-aircon bus to the Danao Port - ~Php 70 
  3. Ride the M/V Jomalia Ro-Ro - Php 180 (non-aircon) -- Ride is around 2 hours.

Map of Camotes Island!
Click to enlarge! It's hi-res! 
Most of our friends were heading back to Manila early Monday morning while the three of us were headed to Camotes. Here's us roughing it out:

To save on cost, we just hung out at the lobby til 3:30AM before riding the bus to Danao. 

On the non-aircon part of the ro-ro. No need for aircon here!
5:30AM. We tried to get sleep but it was pretty difficult.

We've arrived!

We rode a habal-habal to go to our supposed resort. But when we saw that the resort beside it was prettier, we decided to check in there!

The resort where we checked in! Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort
This deserves a separate blog entry!

The resort offered a day tour which the three of us availed.

For Php 1,500 per group, we toured 5 places in around 6 hours! Better if there are more people in the group.

Here are the 5 places that we went to:

Personally, Lake Danao is something you can skip but since you're already in the area, you might as well see it. It's the biggest lake in the Visayan region and if you look at the map, it's a figure eight! 

The lake was pretty nice. Not advisable to swim in that particular area, though--better in the middle of the lake, perhaps. Lumot galore!

By the entrance of the park. There's a Php 15 entrance fee.

The boat ride is Php 500 and it will tour you around the lake. We skipped it.
(See more pictures of Lake Danao here.)

We had the beach all to ourselves. The sand was powdery, similar to that in Boracay. Of course, we all know that nothing beats the sand in Boracay. 

Here's where we spent around an hour or so. 

The whole beach to ourselves.

Feeling artsy with the waves.

The grassy sea bed
(See more pictures of Esperanza Beach here.)

Beaches are not the only attractions in Camotes Island. There are also caves such as this. Timubo Cave, in my opinion, is NOT to be missed. It's my ultimate favorite in Camotes! 

The entrance of the cave. Before you go in, don't forget to pay Php 15 for entrance!
I wasn't expecting anything grand--at all.

The ordinance beside the entrance. Try reading it aloud! Hehe.

It's a 3 minute walk going down to the main attraction.
No need for flashlights because the cave is well lighted. 

Stalagmites? Basta. Formations.
In fairness, the cave doesn't stink. There aren't any bat droppings like in Sagada.

You'll pass through some big puddles before reaching... 

This awaits you after the 3-minute descent.
The water's just right. Not too cold. Very inviting! And we had this all to ourselves!

The water is super clear! It was so relaxing to swim in, too!
I suggest wearing slippers while swimming. The rocks may hurt your feet.

There's also a grotto there.
Bawal kalokohan!

Super happy!

(See more pictures of Timubo Cave here.)

After much swimming, we went to Camotes Island's Baywalk to dry off. It's similar to the Baywalk along Roxas Boulevard. 

This is the first baywalk in Camotes Island, which was built last 2009.
It's an "ideal place for recreation and relaxation in an ambiance of green and soothing breeze of fresh air."

Along the Baywalk Trail, there are ways for the people to exercise!

There's a mini bazaar / market here in Agora.

The stuff being sold in Agora.

Ukay-ukay beside Agora! Good finds for Php 20!
Some of the other shops around. We bought drinks for the night here!

By this time, we were hungry already so we grabbed some food to eat. The food's yummy, though not advisable for those with weak tummies. The place isn't really sanitary. But do it for the experience!

Here's where you can order some food if you're hungry.

Chicken - Php 45
Rice - Php 5
Coke - Php 30
(See more pictures of Baywalk here.)

We all thought it was the perfect way to end the day tour. This is probably the best beach yet. The best part is that we had it all to ourselves! In my opinion, this has the potential to be the next Boracay. But really, do we want it that way?

You can bring a volleyball and play! 

It was all to ourselves!

Skim boards can be rented for just Php 50!
Watch your toes! There are a lot of sea urchins in the deep end.
The perfect venue for a photo shoot!

The sunset was absolutely wonderful. 

(See more pictures of Santiago White Beach here.)

During our stay, preparations were being made for the Soli-Soli festival. A lot of dance rehearsals were on-going when we passed by the schools. Pabonggahan! You may want to consider going to Camotes in March during the Soli-Soli festival. Click here to find out more about Soli-Soli.

Oh, something interesting our tour guide mentioned... According to the locals, Camotes Island got its name from the Spaniards. When the Spaniards first landed on the island, they wanted to know the name of the place. The locals, who were harvesting sweet potatoes (kamote) at the time, thought that the Spaniards were asking what they were holding. “Camote”, the locals said. 
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Click here to download our detailed 5D/4N itinerary.


  1. A very nice site you have created, the overall design and images are well done. Great job you've done, very organized and pleasing to the eye. I enjoyed my visit throughout your pages :) Congratulations!!!

    1. Hi Pedbor,

      Thanks for dropping by! :) Keep up the good work on your blog about Camotes. It's a beautiful island.


  2. Hi Pedbor,
    You deserrved a big thnaks :) and appreciation ★for ur time and effort in creating this blog.. Very helpful infos to all of those who are planning to be there, ... on nour way today...


  3. Thanks for this info Camotes Island is really a nice place.. I will do forward this to Camotes Island Official Site.

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    1. Hi Alfred!

      Thanks. Hope readers here will get in touch with you.


  5. thanks much for this information. Godbless and More Power kuya!

  6. hi! have you been to bantayan island also? which one is better? im planning to go to cebu this sept and i am torn where to go.. can u help me decide? please? :)

    1. Hi Abz!

      Unfortunately I haven't been to Bantayan Island yet. From what I've heard (and seen in pictures), it's super nice! I think each one has it's own unique charm to it.

      From our planning before, we felt that Bantayan should be a trip on its own. At the time, most of our destinations were more towards the southern part of Cebu, which included Camotes as a side trip when we got to Cebu City.

      Have fun in your trip!


  7. Hi! I just wanna ask about dun sa day tour offered by the beach resort.. for 1500, for all three persons na po yun? Thank you! :)

    1. Hi!

      Yes, the 1500 was for the three of us na (excluding entrance fees, which is cheap lang). In fact, mapapamura pa if there are more people in the group. Im just unsure of the maximum number :)


  8. Hello patulong naman po.. we are planning to go this december. 3 days 2 nights. Nasa 7 persons kami. Ang objective namin mapuntahan camotes island, bohol and cebu. Kaya lang wala kaming idea kung pwede itong itinerary namin.
    1st day camotes island. swimming and explore timubo cave then overnight biyahe going to bohol.
    2nd day minimal tour sa bohol then overnight biyahe going to cebu for minimal tour ulit para sa 3rd day. Gusto nila pili lang ung pupuntahan sa bohol and cebu para hindi haggard dahil tatlong places ang pupuntahan. Yan ung target namin. Possible and advisable po kaya? wala din kami idea sa cost ng travel.. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello!

      I think your itinerary would be exciting if you had more days for travel. Pero kung 3 days 2 nights lang, I'd suggest cebu city-camotes island lang para hindi kasing haggard. :)

      It may be better if you save Bohol for another trip para mas sulit.

      I forget na how much I spent but here. But im sure i wrote it down in my detailed itinerary. For more travel details, feel free to download it. Link can be found under my signature in the blog entry.

      Hope this helps.


    2. Many thanks!!!

      Tama nga, better kung separate trip na lang ung Bohol.
      Pero medyo matagal pa siguro, quota na kami this year eh..
      Galing kami ng Sagada medyo extreme dun kaya gusto sana naming gala is ung haggard free! Haha nakapag blog ka na po ba ng Sagada?
      Have you been there na ba? Sorry hindi ko pa na browse blogs mo eh pag may time na lang. Any ways, thanks again!


    3. Hi Rhona,
      Yes, nakapunta na ako sa Sagada. Wasnt able to blog about it. Gusto ko nga bumalik! Hehe!

    4. Yeah, kami rin balak namin bumalik maybe next year! Feeling kasi namin may unfinished business kami dun..

      Hindi kasi namin natapos ung cave connection kahit almost 6 hours na kami sa loob ng Sumaguing cave at inabot kami ng gabi.

      Gosh! Sobrang nakakapagod naman kasi talaga...
      morning palang hiking na kami sa Mt. Ampacao, trekking papuntang falls, then caving na!

      (para po sa mga first time and balak mag try ng spelunking sa Sumaguing Cave, better kung mag alot ng one whole day para lang dun sa activity na un, kasi talagang nakakaubos sya ng powers!!!) hahaha

      Thanks Henny!

      - Rhona

    5. Hi Rhona,
      Wow, ang tagal niyo sa cave! Exagge. hehehe.
      I'm sure you guys had fun, though.

  9. Right! Exagge talaga!
    Kasi naman may kasama kaming ibang group.

    Siguro 4 to 5 groups kami.
    Kinulang ung tour guide kaya sinama kami sa kanila.
    No choice kami kahit lagi kaming nauuna, need pa namin hintayin or makahabol ung ibang group, dahil ung guide namin, nag a-assist pa sa kanila!
    Ang aarte kasi! Hehehe
    dun kami tumagal...

    Nga pala,
    nag post ako sa fb ng link mo about Borawan!
    Sobrang nagandahan sila..
    Lalo ung budget mong more than 1k lang! Hindi nila alam ung place kaya curious sila! Haha

    At dahil dyan pupuntahan daw namin! Hehe Not sure pa if this November eh..

    So, sabi ko check pa sila blog site mo para magka-idea sila sa mga pwedeng puntahan..

    Thanks for sharing them to us Henny! May God bless your good heart!


    1. Hi Rhona,

      Unfortunately hindi pa ako nakarating sa Borawan. Na-share ko lang itinerary ng friend ko :)

      Go for it!


  10. Ah that's why.

    Thank you again Henny!


  11. hi,

    gusto namin magpunta camotes this october any contact # to avail this 1500 day tour packaged?

    many thanks!

    1. Hi elonzkie!

      To avail of this tour package, I think you'll need to book your accommodations at Mangodlong Paradise.

      Contact details are here:



  12. Hi, im isabel. Do you have an idea which resort is the nicest to stay in camotes that within the beach. Thanks

    1. Hi Abing Pitogo,
      Apologies for the extra late reply. I seem to have neglected my blog entirely without realizing there were people like you who have left comments.

      To answer your question, why don't you try Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort?


  13. Hi, im isabel. Do you have an idea which resort is the nicest to stay in camotes that within the beach. Thanks

  14. Hi I'm Marilou, Do you happen to know where we can join a group tour, well, we just want to unwind from all the stress and we're thinking it maybe nice to go out on a tour. thanks.

    1. Hi Marilou,
      Sincerest apologies for the extra late reply. I seem to have neglected my blog completely without realizing there were still people commenting :/

      In case you haven't gone on your trip yet... usually the resorts would have access to tour guides or would provide their own tours.

      Hope this helps.


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