Monday, March 19, 2012

Under the Sea at Moalboal, Cebu

What attracts tourists in Moalboal is its beaches and diving spots. The beach part we did the previous day. The diving part was up next. Snorkeling, actually.

"Under the Sea" was on on repeat in my head day. While swimming away, I felt like I was in another world. Needless to say, I felt like the Little Mermaid.

Before the snorkeling part, I just have to say that nine hours of sleep never felt so good. We were all recharged and raring to snorkel! We even met up with friends from college!

There were now 10 of us on Day 3. I'm the 10th one behind the camera.
We called Kuya Dodong, our snorkeling guide for the day. He was referred to us by a vendor by the beach. His "calling card" looked sleazy but he's definitely worth calling. 

Kuya Dodong
(+63) 923-937-6699
UPDATE (October 29, 2016) : His number is now +63 925-708-7938
For five hours and three snorkeling spots, the cost was Php 2,250. This was inclusive of life vests and masks. Snorkel not included, though. We extended a bit and requested for Kuya Dodong to wait for us while we had lunch at Maya's. We gave him a total of Php 2,400. That's Php 400 / pax.

Kuya Dodong giving us a brief orientation.

Our first stop: Pescador Island

The weather was bad. It was raining and the waves were huge. We were worried that we wouldn't get to snorkel because of the bad weather. But when we got to the other side of the island, the water was so calm!

Spot the cat!

The water around Pescador Island was clear but the current was quite strong that day. I consider myself a good swimmer but it was a challenge swimming that morning. We all had to swim with a life vest.

I was amused at the colorful fish around! Kuya Dodong even gave us bread which we could use to feed them.

If you haven't been snorkeling around much (like me), you'll find the place beautiful! The coral reef is coloful--like how it is in The Little Mermaid! Some of my friends say there are other snorkeling places better than this, though.

The highlight of our day! The pawikan was so majestic! 

It's like the fishes are dancing!

Puffer fish!
"Parang Korean" -Kuya Dodong

Our second stop: Marine Sanctuary.

Marine Sanctuary was definitely better than Pescador Island. The water was clearer, the water not as deep and was calmer. We didn't need to wear a life vest here. The sea bed was even prettier and more colorful! 

We had the longest lunch that day because the food took so long to be served. If we didn't spend too much time there, we could have gone to the third snorkeling site. Kuya Dodong said it's the prettiest.

I bought this wooden figurine in memory of the pawikan that we saw. The shell is removable!
This was the largest one, which I bought for Php 400.

"Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin'
Under the sea!"

That night, we left Moalboal and headed back to Cebu City. Some of my friends were about to go back to Manila already while some of us would stay on to wander off to Camotes Island. 

The initial plan was to ride a non-aircon bus going back to Cebu City but we opted to go with a van-hire. It was dark already and no buses were passing by. We spent Php 100 each for the van. It was more than worth it. The van was air-conditioned, the trip was faster and we were seated! 

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