Wednesday, April 4, 2012

February Fashion in Japan

It's as if they've been ripped out of a fashion magazine. Perfectly styled clothes, the occasional no make-up look, minus the Photoshop. The Japanese seem to pull it off effortlessly. 

I’m no fashion expert nor do I know much about it but I think they have a great sense of style. All the pieces that they wear go well together as if meticulously selected. I sometimes wonder if they have personal stylists. 

Needless to say, I had the grandest time people-watching and scanning them from head to toe. Hopefully none of them took offense. Here are random winter looks I saw in Tokyo:

I super like his jacket! 

People still wore boots on a sunny day.

Guy and girl kimonos!

I super like the girl's red backpack!


Guys out on the street. I wonder how much hair product they put on.

Bubble jackets


People-watching seemed like a fashion show at times.

I super like his jacket... and bag!

Trivia: The yellow strip he's walking on has embossed lines to guide the blind.

It's normal to see people walking around with luggage.

Typical work outfit on the left.
I can't imagine wearing that everyday! 

How do they keep warm down there?!

She crossed the street effortlessly.

Yup, a lot of girls wore mini skirts or shorts even if it was 0* out.

They look like dolls!

Saleslady in Harajuku.

Who wore it best?

Baby girl look.

Interesting color combinations all over!

Her luggage is a definite stand out.


Long skirts were a rare sight.

No socks! I wonder how cold his feet were!

School uniform.
(Some people wore masks if they had a cold. I think it's also for added warmth.)

These two reminds me of a pair in the office.

Formal wear! She was a secondary sponsor in a wedding.

I just had to take a picture of this!

Maids from the maid cafes? Not too sure.

The only Japanese I saw who wore shades.

Something interesting that my friend Tiff noticed while we were there: the Japanese don't seem to wear sunglasses! The sun was extra blinding one day and we were the only ones wearing shades! Is it because they have chinky eyes? Hhhhm.

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