Sunday, April 8, 2012

Things to Eat in Tokyo aside from Sushi and Tempura

No adobo, nothing Italian, and definitely nothing Chinese. I wanted to eat local food in Tokyo. And so I did—lots of it.

Aside from the regular sushi and tempura, here’s my top 10 in no particular order:  

1.    Ryushanhai Ramen
After a tiring day walking around the city, plus the fact that it was 0*C out, this sure warmed me up. The miso soup base is intense and the noodles are perfect with it. Runny nose alert!

Price¥600 (~Php 300)
Where: Ramen Museum, Shinyokohama

2.    Gyoza
We chanced upon this restaurant near our hostel that served it. Heaven! The gyoza went so well with the rice that had pork toppings! The best fried pot stickers ever!

Price¥380 (~Php 190)
Where: Ramen Kagetsu Arashi near Asakusabashi station

3.    Sashimi with Rice
My trip to Tokyo would never be complete without eating sashimi, my favorite Japanese food. Quite pricey but it was worth getting lost and finding this random restaurant.
Price: ~ ¥800 (~Php 400)
Where: One of the alleys near H&M, Shinjuku
(The Tonkatsu there was really good, too!)

4.    Mochi with Ice cream
Tried it for the sake of trying. It’s different but yummy! And yes, it's served cold. I forget which flavors we ordered but it was #1 and #2 best sellers.

Price: ¥150 each (~Php 75)
Where: Mochi Cream, Akihabara 

5.    Beef Shabu-Shabu
All-you-can-eat and all-you-can-cook beef, vegetables, and soup! I’ve never eaten that much beef before! Though I think it was the sesame sauce that made it all yummy. 

Price: ~ ¥2,000 (~Php 1,000)
Where: Mo-Mo-Paradise, 8F Humax Pavillon, Shinjuku

6.    Japanese Strawberries!
They’re HUGE and really sweet! It was a definite must-try even if I’m not a fruit person. 

Price¥380-500 a pack, depending on freshness (~Php 190-250)
Where: Groceries and Supermarkets

7.    Beef Bowls
We ate at this fast food place near our hostel because it was really cheap. The place was small and cramped. None of the waiters spoke in English. It was a nice experience. Orders were even taken electronically!

Price¥380 (~Php 140)
Where: Near Asakusabashi station (I don't know the name of the place!)

8.    Onigiri Rice Triangles
It’s small but quite heavy on the stomach. It’s a meal already. Very flavorful!

Price¥200 (~Php 100)
Where: Omusubito, Akihabara

9.    Odd Flavored Popcorn
Curry, Salt and Pepper, Milk Tea, and Soy Sauce are some of them. Tried all of these for the sake of trying. My personal favorite is the curry. Least favorite was the milk tea.

Price¥300 If I remember correctly (~Php 150)
Where: Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea

10.  Takoyaki Balls
Octopus balls have never tasted THIS good. They don’t scrimp on the octopus, too. These were big and the filling was really gooey. Burnt my tongue from excitement.

Price¥420 / ~Php 215
Where: Omotesando St., Harajuku (right outside Kiddy Land)
Click here for map.

Here are some stuff I regret not eating—if only we didn't run out of time... and money:
  • Sushi and tempura at the local sushi bars with the conveyor belt! Wanted to try it for the experience. Had my share of these at a particular restaurant. It was... normal.
  • Packed sushi and sashimi from the grocery. ~¥200 (~Php 100) for 8 pieces!
  • Fresh sashimi from Tsukiji. Too bad it's so far away and waiting time in line is an hour.
  • Food from Maid Cafe. More for the experience rather than food.

McDo Japan!
Wanted to try the food that wasn't anywhere else in the world.

Spaghetti in a Bun! 
Saw this in a convenience store. Looks... interesting!

Eggs 'n Things
The Japanese seem to love an American breakfast even for merienda. The line was so long!

Wanted to try those with strawberries in it. Quite expensive, though. Around Php 250

My standards for Japanese food were definitely raised to a whole new level. There’s really nothing like authentic Japanese food… in Japan.


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    1. Yup, mahal nga ang pagkain if you convert it to peso--to think that it's everyday food lang. Pero super sarap talaga :)