Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Much I Paid for a Coconut

Street vendor? Nah. Just tried it for the experience.
It was the street vendor's lucky day. Silly me impulsively bought a coconut from him while walking around Ho Chi Minh City. They were too cute to resist! (The coconuts, ha!)

He offered me one for 120,000 Vietnamese dong (VND). I didn’t bother trying to convert it to peso since I thought, "How much could a coconut possibly cost?" 

Honestly, though, I just didn't know how to convert and I was dying in the heat!

Automatically, I bargained, even if it was just for the sake of it. I even felt proud for bringing the cost down to 100,000 VND, which I eventually realized was 200 pesos!!!

Imagine! 200 pesos for a tiny coconut?! *facepalm*

My ever so expensive but really really really yummy coconut!

It was definitely his lucky day. I later found out that the average cost of a coconut is 15,000 VND. That's just 30 pesos! 

Charged to experience. In full!

Tip on how to roughly convert Vietnamese Dong (VND) to Philippine Peso (Php): 
Remove the last three 0’s in the figure then multiply the remaining number by 2. 
Example: 10,000 VND = Php 20. 

Thanks for the tip, Yoa! If only I knew this early on.


  1. haha... this happened to us too!!! and it looks like at the same place... that's behind the war memorial museum right?