Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Survived a Blind Date... with a Girl!

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I sensed something fishy but I never thought I'd end up on a blind date... with a girl!

It started when Dad told me to accompany him for work today. I assumed that I needed to drive. But since our driver was present, I sensed something was up. I dismissed it, thinking that he just wanted some family time.  

Then Mom laughed when she saw what I was wearing. She asked my dad if it was appropriate for me to wear a t-shirt. Something wasn’t right.

"Why? Where are we going?" I asked.

He said in Chinese, "My classmate has a daughter. Setting you up—oops—She wants to have more friends."

Oops?! You've got to be kidding me, I thought! I couldn't believe I was being set up. It didn't help that it's with a girl! I was shocked. Confused. Fuming!   

Good thing I was wearing the beckiest outfit I had. Mom's laughter affirmed it. My objective: to be a dead giveaway that I'm gay.


In the car, I tried fishing for more information but Dad changed the topic. I tried to convince myself: What's a simple pakilala, right? And to make myself feel better, I thought, "Siguro naman mas maganda ako sa kanya!"

The whole set up was just off. Was I over-thinking things? I mean, at the very least, I would have appreciated a heads-up for some mental and emotional preparedness of sorts. 

The most disturbing of all: Are my parents that much in denial? 

After what seemed like the longest drive, we found ourselves in a little coffee shop along Greenhills. I tried backing out but it was too late. There they were.

Introductions were made. I sported my trying-to-be-extra-nice-but-I’m-really-not-interested smile. Deep inside, I wanted to scream, "Hennybenny, 26, Philippiiiiiines!" It was so awkward!

"I'm Jessica,” she said. She seemed really nice.

Of course, my parents were all smiles. For all I know, they were probably imagining our wedding already...and future children. *cringe*

Gosh. I couldn't wait to tell her that I'm gay. Para tapos na!

For starters, I ordered the beckiest thing on the menu.
And yeah, that's her.

I told her my course in college and that I work in advertisingshort of saying, "Get a hint!” And she picked up fast!

"Maraming girls sa advertising, diba?" she asked.


"Diba marami ring gay?"

Kaboom! This was my chance! "Oo! Super! I belong!!!"

She paused and gave a puzzled look. "Uhhh, you belong?"

"Yeah, I belong talaga! I'm gay!"

Her eyes beamed. "I KNEW IT!" She laughed, clapped, and probably gave a sigh of relief in betweenThe awkwardness disappeared. We then talked about her nails, her gay friends, and we even shared our own versions of how fell into our parents' "trap".

Her freshly-painted nails that got damaged while rearranging seats for us to sit across each other.
*roll eyes* 

I felt proud for being honest. At least she didn't feel hopeful (in case she was that blind). Sadly, if there's anyone who was hopeful, it would probably be my parents—even if they know I'm gay. 

Let's face it. For them, being parents of a gay son (an only child at that) and being products of their own time, I guess they'd forever be hopeful that I’d turn out to be a "normal" guy who’d eventually find a woman and live happily ever.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my happily ever after won’t be with a woman. Who knows? I may just end up by myself.

The happily ever after in my mind.
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While I know that my parents love me and want what's best for me, I also know that the best decision I've made to be genuinely happy is to come out of the closet. Perhaps this is hard for them to accept, which I totally understand. I'm optimistic that one day, their denial will blossom into acceptance.

Hopefully, my parents won't be arranging any more blind dates for me. If ever they do, I pray that it's someone without a vagina.

Even if I gained a new friend, the process was quite traumatizing. I’m just glad that it’s over. Blind dates are scary enough as they are. I hope that no gay guy ever goes through this.

Can I just say... pwede ko bang i-pitch ito sa I SURVIVED?!


  1. hahaha funny!! congratulations you surived! :)

  2. Funny ng blog post na to. Very personal. Also, you said you're not the best writer, but it seems you have the potential.

    I may not be gay, but I can relate to the pressure from Chinese parents about conforming to norms like not marrying non-Chinese or in your case, marrying a woman.

    I'm so you came out of the closet though. It's hard to pretend who you're not.

    - Nina

    1. Hi Nina!

      Sorry for the late reply. Shempre ngayon ko lang ito nabasa!

      Each family has its own "great wall". It's tough trying to please everyone but sometimes, you just have to decide for yourself and do what will make you happy. :)

      Thanks for the kind words :)


  3. hahahaha i came across on your blog and found myself reading almost all the entries . This pne made my day lol! - chinitongkulot