Monday, June 18, 2012

A 40-year Journey Together

Forty years ago today, two special people embarked on a voyage of a lifetime as husband and wife: 
my parents. 

Forty years ago today. June 18, 1972 - My parents' wedding day.

My parents' engagement. Mom is extra pretty here.

So far, I’d like to think that their 40-year journey is far from perfect. But I guess it’s special in a way that only they can fathom—perhaps like how a trip is unique to each traveler.

Even if I’ve witnessed their marriage for just 27 years, I can say that it's like a trip to a foreign place. There are happy times, moments of awe and discovery, unexpected bumps along the way, and even moments of getting lost in the dark.

My parents traveled the world together, especially before I was born. They lived the life. 

When I came into the world, I was extremely fortunate to have been blessed with the gift of travel early on. Our most epic journey was moving to Canada and living there for eight years. 

My first travel abroad to Canada and the States

My parents let me see my Disney friends up close!

White water rafting in Alberta, Canada.
(I look like a gremlin!)

Celebrating Christmas in Canada, our home for 8 years.

One of our last family trips together. Shanghai, China.

Without the gift of travel, I don’t think I’d be the fun-loving, outgoing, and kaladkarin person that I am today. I credit this to my parents for opening my eyes to the world’s wonders. 

Today, even if I’m not physically present to celebrate their ruby milestone, I celebrate the gift that they’ve given me—the gift of travel.

To my parents, my first-ever travel guides, and the two people whom I owe my life: 
Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!

Wishing you more happiness, more milestones to conquer, and more adventures around the world.
I love you!

My parents in their recent trip to Zhang Jia Jie, China
The movie Avatar was shot here.


  1. Panalo yung white water rafting pic :))) Happy 40th anniversary to your parents! <3