Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bring it on, Vietnam!

I wrote this last April 6 while trying to release some stress in the middle of packing.
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I was stressing over what to do to try and maximize my four-day stay. I did a bit of reading, listing down the things I wanted to see and do, including stuff I wanted to buy pero bahala na. I decided to just play it by ear.

I don’t know why I was pressuring myself. Maybe it was the AE in me talking.

So far, this is the trip where I'm most unprepared. I don't have a solid itinerary nor have I finished packing yet. My flight is in five hours.

This will be a milestone in my life—traveling solo for the first time. Despite the unpreparedness, I'm mentally and emotionally ready.

Bring it on, Vietnam!


  1. Lucky you, Henson. You have a chance to travel solo. Did your parents approve of your plans? Did they know you went to Vietnam alone? My parents won't let me travel solo. I feel I will have to live and work abroad before I get this chance for myself.

    - Nina

    1. Hi Nina!
      Yup, my parents approved of my plans. I told them when I had already bought my tickets. They were kinda worried when they found out I was traveling by myself... but I guess they were happy naman for me. Why won't they let you travel by yourself? :) If you want, maybe you can try traveling with some really close friends first. Or if they'll let you live and work abroad, go for it! :)