Saturday, June 30, 2012

Going to Naga the "Extreme" Way

What do you do if you’re off to Naga but you...
  • aren’t considering taking the plane? 
  • don't want to ride the train for 10 hours?
  • won’t be able to take your car? 
  • dread sitting on a tiny seat on a bus without leg room for eight hours? 
    Take the Isarog Lazyboy Extreme bus!

    The Isarog Lazyboy Extreme bus makes the 8-hour trip to Naga extra comfortable.

    Think of it as a business class bus.

    It’s got 19 extra spacious lazyboy seats, lots of leg room, and even an airplane-like toilet! If you’re willing to shell out a few extra hundred bucks for comfort, then go for it.

    A one-way ticket from Manila to Naga is Php 1,000.

    The leather lazyboy seats are really wide. You can even do an Indian sit comfortably!
    (The refrigerator-looking thing at the middle is the washroom.)

    View from the 2nd to the last row.
    There's the bathroom again. You have to go down a step to enter. That's why it looks short.

    Washroom from the top step. 

    It's challenging to aim properly while the bus is moving! Mind you, that mess isn't mine!
    (Some buses have sinks. Others don't)

    Leg room even with my backpack!
    Passengers can opt to put their bags in the compartment below, though.

    Side headrests!
    Adjust it by pushing back, then pulling to desired angle.
    Knocked out. Seats fully reclined for a comfortable sleep.
    If only the buses had WiFi, then it would have been perfect. Maybe the ones I rode didn’t have it.

    The travel time to Naga is around 8 and a half hours. The Lazyboy Extreme departs for Naga at 9pm daily. There’s a 30 minute stopover at 11pm in Quezon. Arrival in Naga is around 5:30am.

    For those (like me) who don't know where Naga is on the map. 

    Journey starts here.
    The main Isarog terminal is in Cubao, EDSA southbound lane. It's beside Philtranco, right across the MRT station.
    (Photo from by bhe_agustina)

    There's a 30-minute stopover in Quezon for a late night snack or for "defrosting".

    While there are always risks of riding the bus at night, Isarog tries to minimize this by having two drivers that alternate during the trip. I think it's a lot safer this way. 

    If I'm not mistaken, the Lazyboy Extreme only goes to Naga. Unlike other provincial buses, there aren't any stops in between where people actually get off. Upon arrival, the bus will park at the Naga Central Bus Terminal. This is your cue to get off off. The driver will say so, too. Don't fret!

    Naga Central Bus Terminal
    This is where passengers get off upon arrival in Naga. It's also where passengers board when they're going to Manila.

    1. Reserve tickets days in advance. Call 381-0840 (EDSA terminal). Pay when you claim ticket.
    2. Avoid rows 3-5. These seats surround the bathroom. If someone goes #2... 
    3. Avoid the last few rows. The ride can get extra bumpy at the back. 
    4. Keep warm! Bring a jacket and a blanket for your legs. It gets really cold inside the bus. 
    5. Be early. Bus leaves on time. Suggest being there 45-mins to an hour before departure.

    Feeling mayamanNaka-business class daw.

    To book tickets from Naga going back to Manila, go to the Isarog office at the Naga Central Bus Terminal or call (054) 478-8804. The office is right across the parked buses. The Lazyboy Extreme is still Php 1,000 but the bus departs at 8:30pm. 

    For Isarog bus fares and schedules from Manila, click here. Also, check out the Isarog Lines FB page to see photos of its other buses, including the Sleeper! 


    1. ...hmmm, that's pa namn ako ng mahabang bus ride..and if all long hauls have these kind of seats, baka di na ako bumaba ng bus..

      1. Hi Ian!

        Haha! Oo. If all buses had lazy boy seats, no? :)


    2. Nice Blog mate! Too bad my mom's family is from Nabua so that mean's I need to travel to Naga for another 1 hour just to ride this bus. BTW ever since I was young, I've been riding on their buses. By their buses I mean Penafrancia Tours and Isarog Lines. And I love staring at their buses while on stopevers because they look incredibly amazing! I have been an avid fan of their company since I was like 9 or 10? I'm currently 19 and still travelling to Bicol every once in a while to visit my mom's family. I suggest you do a blog again on RSL Buses and their Bicol Isarog Transport System's new coaches! Great blog!

      1. Hi Josh!
        Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. I'll keep that in mind :)

    3. What's the difference between an Extreme & an Extreme Jr bus?

      1. Hello Brian,
        If i'm not mistaken, the buses are the same size. Difference is the seating capacity and the size of the seat.

        The Extreme has 19 seats and a toilet. It's P1,000 one-way. The Jr. Extreme has 25 seats and a toilet. Smaller seats compared to the Extreme. It's P900 one-way.

        Hope this helps.


    4. I'll find out in 7 hours. Just paid 1100 online for Jr. Extreme Cubao EDSA to Naga, Bicol

      1. Oh I see. Let me know! Maybe the source that I got it from was old na. Have a safe trip.

    5. Saan po ba sa Alabang to? Pasend naman po ng Link salamat..