Sunday, June 10, 2012

My First Airport Scare

Broken zipper handles! 
Saw this upon claiming my luggage at the Tan Son Nhat international airport in Ho Chi Minh City. 

What if someone put drugs in my luggage? This came to mind when I saw the broken zipper handles

"Shet. Anyare?!" I thought. 

Trying to avoid commotion, I didn’t bother calling the airport personnel. Looking back, it would've been the right thing to do.

I wasn’t worried about clothes being stolen. I was worried about the possibility of someone putting in anything illegal. The scanner that my luggage had to go through before exiting the airport became the ultimate test.

I slowly put my luggage on the conveyor belt. I squinted, hoping that it wouldn’t trigger an alarm. If they found anything, would I end up on Nat Geo’s Locked Up Abroad?

Luckily, my luggage passed.

I tweeted Cebu Pacific but got no response. 
Why am I not surprised? 

Fortunately, nothing was stolen or added. I guess the zipper handles broke off on the conveyor belts or due to mishandling. Unfortunately, I forgot to use the small padlock for extra security. Worse, to try and save on expenses, I didn’t get myself insured!

As a learning for future travels abroad, I’m definitely doubling my locks and getting myself insured.

So there I was—all alone in a foreign land with a broken luggage. I had just experienced my first (and hopefully last) airport scare. I took a deep breath and walked out the airport. This was just the beginning.


  1. SCARY!!! While reading your post, I was already picturing it Locked Up Abroad-style! May slow-mo and tibok ng puso effects! Hahaha :) Nice to know everything turned out okay but yes, padlocks!

    1. Hi Kei!!! Oo! Slow-mo and tibok ng puso effects! Hahaha! Ganyan na ganyan yung nasa isip ko! Next time, padlocks talaga! Can't rely on just the luggage's zipper locks. =/

  2. That's super scary!

    Hopefully the next adventure you write about Naga will be positive!

    1. Hi Atsi Val! I'm super looking forward to it!!! :D *excited*