Sunday, June 17, 2012

Packing for the Beach

I don't consider myself a light packer. I don't consider myself an extremist either. I usually just bring a bit more than what I need for those just-in-case momentseven if it's just a short trip to the beach.

Here's what I usually bring for a 4D/3N beach vacation:

What I'm bringing to the beach!

Depending on your packing style, you may find this too much, too little, or just about right. I think this is just about right. All my beach essentials are covered, I think.

1. Shorts for swimming plus for touring the city
2. Shirts with and without sleeves
3. Jacket for the cold ride on the bus or plane 
4. Underwear (which I stuff in a charger case)
5. Hankies since I sweat a lot!

6. Towels - one for the beach and one for showering

7. Sarong - to lay on the sand or to use as a blanket

8. Flip-flops - (Option to bring shoes for city tour)
9. Shades to protect eyes from the sun (among others)
10. Accessories - Just because I'm maarte like that.

11. Snorkeling Gear to explore the world under water

12. Hand-carry bag to put in camera and small stuff.
13. Sunblock to protect the skin from the sun
14. Hand sanitizer / Alcohol for an instant clean
15. Moisturizer w/ Sunblock for the face!
16. Eco Bag - for shopping or to put dirty clothes in
17. Umbrella just in case it rains 

18. Camera - I never go on vacation without this!
19. Underwater case - Lets the camera go underwater!

20. Chargers for the phone and camera
21. Mobile phone for texting, calling, Internet & music
22. Wallet (with money, I hope!)

23. Kikay Kit! Here's a peek inside mine:
      -Shampoo and Conditioner
      -Soap (one for the body and another for the face)
      -Dental Floss
      -Cotton Buds
      -Hair Wax
      -Toothbrush and Toothpaste

How all these managed to fit deserves a different entry. In the meantime, I'm ready for the beach!

"All my bags are packed I'm ready to go!"

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