Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vietnamese Male Sex Workers on Bikes

You’d wonder why there are so many guys riding bicycles at night, especially in the backpackers’ area of Ho Chi Minh City. They look like they’re just riding leisurely but really, they offer “massages”.  

Male sex workers on bicycles.
This is a typical night along Bui Vien St., where sex workers roam around offering one-hour "massages".

Most of them are twinks—young, skinny, and your typical boy-next-door. There are a few, though, who are in their thirties or forties already. They usually wear tight-fitting shirts, jeans, and slippers. Some are actually cute, though in general, Thais are cuter. 

Ring Ring Ring!
Interestingly, they hold a small metal rod with bottle crowns attached to the end, which they shake.
It makes a dull tambourine-like sound to call people's attention.

From my observation, the callboys—ehem, masseurs—usually wait for tourists to approach them. If you’re alone, though, they’ll ride slowly beside you and will invite you for a one-hour massage. At first, I tried ignoring them but after a while, I tried hearing them out to see what they were really offering. 

A one-hour massage costs 170,000 VND (~Php 340), which already includes renting a small room nearby. There’s an additional 400,000 VND (~Php 800) tip for "happy endings".

As to how happy the ending will be, that remains to be in question. 

PS. This entry isn't meant to promote the sex industry in Vietnam. 


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