Saturday, July 21, 2012

Being Instant Millionaires in Vietnam

Vietnam is a place where all aspiring millionaires' dreams come true. With just $50 USD, you can boast of being a millionaire already—in Vietnamese Dong, that is.

Instant millionaire!
That's 2 million in my hand right there. I fanned myself with it. Haha!

Everything is generally affordable in Vietnam. I got through 4D/3N in Ho Chi Minh City with around Php 20k, which includes plane tickets, accommodations, tours, food, and even shopping! 

Airport Currency Exchange.
Upon claiming your luggage in the Tan Son Nhat Int'l Airport in HCMC, exchange your USD in Exim Bank.
$100 = 2,054,000 VND (as of April 6, 2012)

"Same same but different."
All bills in Vietnamese Dong look alike, having Ho Chi Minh's picture. They're practically uniform in size, too!
(Image from

1. Bring US Dollars. You can't have Php exchanged for VND in Manila.
2. Exchange $ for VND in airport. Not the best rates but at least you have Dong upon arrival.
3. Exchange rates are better in hotels. It's most convenient, too.
4. Count the zeros! All bills look alike so don't mistake a 10,000 bill for a 100,000!
5. Converting VND to Php: Remove last three 0's in the figure and multiply remaining number by 2.

Example: 10,000 VND = ~Php 20 (Thanks for the tip, Yoa!)


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  5. can we exchange PHP to VND in ho chih minh ?

    1. Hi itdozenmatter,
      Unfortunately, I dont think you can.