Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beyond Island Hopping in Caramoan

Sure, Caramoan is best known for its beautiful islands and now being the venue for reality TV show Survivor. But what’s there beyond island hopping?


1. St. Michael the Archangel Parish
It's a red brick church built by Franciscan missionaries in the late 16th century. It's on Real St.

2. Caramoan’s 1st ATM machine!
This was set-up just a few years ago. Cheers for progress! Located also on Real St.

(Photo from by Richard Grimaldo)

3. Aga Muhlach’s tarps
Didn't know 'til now. Aga plans to represent the 4th district of Camarines Sur in Congress. I guess he's starting to make his presence felt already. (Source) You'll see this on Real St,, too.

4. Bulangbogan Underground River
Our usual swimming spot after island hopping. The water is pretty cold! Fresh water, too! Go in the cave but don't go too far in because it’s dark and scary. Don’t forget the Php 10 entrance fee!

More photos here!

 5. Mayor’s Squad Outpost
I don’t know if it’s some sort of jail or for the “mayor’s squad” to hangout in. Whatever it’s for, it makes a good venue for a photo shoot! This is on Real St., just a few minutes walk from Rex Tourist Inn.

While our meals were c/o our hotel here are some yummy snacks that we ate:

1. Fried Chicken
Fried chicken never tasted so good. Choose from either the sweet or spicy dip—or both.

Cost: Php 10 each
Where: Real St.

2. Fried Isaw
Usually, isaw is grilled. This time, it's fried! Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside.

Cost: Php 5 a stick
Where: Real St.

3. Stuffed Squid
This isn't really specific to the place but it's a great pulutan while having a round of drinks. 

Cost: Php 350 for 700g
Where: Caramoan Bed & Dine, Real St.

4. Sour Berries
I'm not a fruit person and I really don't know what this is. Black currant? Tried it for the sake of trying. They say that it's best served mixed with salt and sugar. Eaten raw, it's really sour.

Cost: Free
Where: Near Bulangbongan Underground River (though I think it's pretty much everywhere in the Philippines) 

There's only one souvenir shop along Real St., and here are some stuff I bought:

1. Bangka figurine in memory of the boat rides and island hopping.

Cost: Php 135
Where: Souvenir shop in Real St.

2. Turtle keychain
Turtles have historical value to Caramoan! The Spaniards renamed Caramoan's original name, Guta de Leche (named by Dutch travelers because of the milk drop stalagmites along Gata Port), to Caraha because there were so many turtles along the shores. It wasn’t until 1687 that Spanish friar Francisco Dela Cruz Y Oropesa renamed it to Caramoan. (Source: poster outside souvenir shop.)

Cost: Php 40
Where: Souvenir shop in Real St.

3. Survivor t-shirt
If you’re a fan of the reality TV show, go for it! (I'm not a fan of t-shirt souvenirs, though.)

Cost: Php 150
Where: Souvenir shop in Real St.
(Photo from

For more pictures of Real St. and Caramoan, click here.


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  2. Many thanks for this.. honestly, I have second thoughts going to Naga-Caramoan-Albay this January 2014, but with your blog details.. it arouse me again, hahha! company na lang ang kulang but anyways :)

    1. Hi VJ LG :)
      Go for it! Masaya yan. You might even make new friends if you're there by yourself!