Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kneeboarding and Wakeboarding in CWC

Kneeboarding and learning how to wakeboard are definitely must-try activities in the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) in Pili. These were the “oh-em-gee” moments of our trip.

There are three major water parks in CWC for various water activities: 
  1. Cable Park – for kneeboarding and hardcore wakeboarding 
  2. Winch Park – for basic wakeboarding lessons 
  3. Lago del Rey (Boat Park) – for a Takeshi’s-Castle-like adventure


Cable Park is where people can go kneeboarding and hardcore wakeboarding.

Kneeboarding is like riding a little surf board on your knees while being pulled by a cable at 30kph. It’s not as slow as it seems. Imagine driving on third gear! 

Crash course. There's a little briefing by the CWC staff before you're pulled in the water.
(Photo by Johann Tan)

What I learned: Crouch and keep the bar as low and as close to you as possible. To turn left, pull the bar diagonally towards your lower right. You kinda forget these when in the water, though. 

Here’s my first attempt at kneeboarding. It’s scary yet exciting waiting for the cable!

"..........Oh my gawd!!!!"
(Video by Johann Tan)

I had beginners’ luck on my first attempt. My second try was an epic fail, instantly falling face-first into the water. And because I wasn’t able to control the kneeboard on the third try, I accidentally flew up one of the ramps and crashed into the water! My fourth try was the most successful.


People can learn how to wakeboard in Winch Park.
That's Mt. Isarog at the back!

Here, you start from the water and the cable gradually pulls you from 0-25kph. In the process, you’ll be able to stand. Trying not to fall was the challenge of the day... and, oh, trying not to swallow the water!


Waiting for our turn

There are instructors who teach basic wakeboarding there. They'll constantly remind you to bend your knees, to just stand still, and not to pull the bar towards you when you get up.

Trying to be graceful
(Video by Johann Tan)

Kneeboarding and wakeboarding are thrilling experiences—even for non-sporty people like me. I guess for first-timers, it'll make the whole body sore afterwards, especially the arms. My body was aching for more than a week! The experience was worth it, though.

Lago del Rey (Boat Park)

Takeshi's Castle?

For those who don’t want to kneeboard or wakeboard but want some adventure around CWC, they can opt for Boat Park. There are huge inflatables to conquer! Cost is Php 120 per hour.

General FYIs

The CWC Complex and surrounding establishments

Hourly Rates – Php 125 (between 8am – 5pm)
                        – Php 175 (between 5pm – 9pm)
Equipment Rental (Lifevest + Helmet) – Php 40 per hour

A Php 500 deposit is required, which will be returned

Wakeboarding Do's and Dont's

Travelers who don’t have their own transpo going to CWC may take the free shuttle from SM Naga or from the Naga City airport. It's a 20-minute ride from Naga City. Schedules:

Free shuttle for those worrying about transpo!


  1. Check beforehand if the cables are working! Call (054) 477-3334. 
  2. Stretch! Do this before getting into the water. It’ll lessen muscle aches. 
  3. Put on sunblock, especially on the arms!
  4. Avoid the ramps! Not only is it scary but dangerous for first-timers. 
  5. Lundagin mo, beybe! Just do it! You won't learn until you actually try.

For more information, check out the CWC website here.


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  2. Hi, may I ask how long yun stay nyo sa park (whole/half day)? What are the things that you rented din pala coz I might just follow what you did ..:)

    1. Hi VJ LG :)

      We stayed overnight there. We rented one of the log cabins. And for wakeboarding, we paid the hourly rates and rented equipment.

      Go lang nang go!


  3. Thanks .. also noticed your wakeboard shorts is nice too, hahha!