Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vinasun Taxis in Ho Chi Minh City

Travelers who don't want to ride the motorcycle around town can always opt to take the taxi.

Hailing a cab in Ho Chi Minh City isn't as hard compared to Manila. Drivers don't seem to reject passengers and the flag-down rate is cheaper. The only problem is the language barrier.

Ride the Vinasun Taxi. It seems to be the #1 taxi in town and it's known for not cheating its passengers. Of course, this isn't absolute.

Vinasun Taxi. It's known for not cheating its passengers.

Upon arrival in the Tan Son Nhat int'l airport, you can book a Vinasun taxi at stall #5. This is near the exit.
(You can exchange money in Exim Bank in stall #3)

Travelers can just go outside and find Vinasun right across the airport exit.
Just tell (or show) the driver where you're off to. Better if you have a map.

Some taxis have small TVs!
The taxi meter in front shows figures in thousands. (Example: 49.4 = 49,400 VND)

Going to or from the airport, taxis charge an additional 10,000 VND because there's a certain "entrance fee" the driver has to pay. That's how I understood it.

In general, the taxis in Ho Chi Minh City are pretty nice. Think of the Altis taxis here in Manila. There are also van versions, like the Avanza, but the flagdown rate is slightly higher.

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