Thursday, July 19, 2012

What to Buy in Naga

A popular pasalubong if you happen to be in the Bicol region would be anything with pili nuts. It's abundant in that area.

Here are some food stuff I bought as pasalubong in Naga:

1. Pili Nuts
My personal favorite is the honey-flavored one. The roasted variant is bland, which Mom really likes. The garlic flavor tastes weird, but isn't bad.

Price: Php 120 (200g)
Where: J. Emmanuel Pastries, SM Naga

2. Bicol Express
It's different from the usual creamy and dominantly pork dish that I'm used to. The local Bicol Express is like bagoong. It's salty, spicy, and rich in flavor. I eat it like bagoong rather than as a main course.

Price: Php 135
Where: J. Emmanuel Pastries, SM Naga

3. Cream Cheese Brownies
This is a definite must-buy not just for family and friends, but for yourself, too! It's that good. Have lunch or dinner at Red Platter first then grab some treats such as this for pasalubong.

Price: Php 175
Where: Red Platter Grill, Magsaysay Ave., Balatas, Naga

Click here to see the different dishes you can eat in Red Platter! 

4. Pili Butterscotch Cookies
This is really yummy. An English treat infused with a local ingredient. Good thing I bought three of these. In fact, I wish I had bought more. 

Price: Php 50
Where: J. Emmanuel Pastries, SM Naga

5. Sansrival
This is one of the many food items that you can buy at Baker's Plaza. Try buying their different bread products, too. Baker's Plaza is popular in Naga and is found nowhere else in the Philippines. 

Price: Php 32
Where: Graceland Baker's Plaza, cor Gen Luna and P. Burgos St., Naga

6. Galleta de Gato
It's light, not too sweet, and I like how it melts in the mouth. Galletas is made from cornstarch, milk, sugar, and butter.

Price: Php 50
Where: J. Emmanuel Pastries, SM Naga

7. Santan Cocojam with Pili Nuts
I haven't opened this yet since we still have an unfinished bottle of cocojam left. Bought this because it seemed interesting. Can't wait to try it out.

Price:  Php 55
Where: J. Emmanuel Pastries, SM Naga 

Hopefully, by the time that you finish eating these, you won't be sick and tired of pili products.


  1. This is perfect! My sister will go to Naga too, so I might as well ask her to buy me some of these. I wanna try that cream cheese brownies. :D

    1. Hey Kathleen!
      Go for it :) Super yummy!

  2. Recently had a taste of the Galleta de gato, the flavored pili, and other products from J Emmanuel Pastries. Oh, did my daughter love them, and so did i=). I wish i could make them myself tho, as Naga's just so far.

    1. Yeah. Naga's so far! Where are you from?
      If you get the time to make some... pahingi ;)

  3. Nakaktuwa pati ito (souvenir/pasalubong) may entry ka.. cool!