Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Encounter with "Santa" on the Boat

My encounter with Santa on the boat became an unforgettable experience.
(Photo from members.virtualtourist.com)

My friends and I were on our way to Boracay island from Caticlan. We got ourselves on the small boat, with each bench-like seat barely accommodating two people.

We tried to sit by ourselves, wishing that there wouldn’t be other people sitting beside us.

A Caucasian family came to fill the remaining seats. They looked like they were from the States.

The Santa-Claus-looking dad eyed the vacant space beside me. “Oh no,” I thought. I looked at our seat. How would we fit?

The bench-like seats on the boat barely fits two people!
(Photo from mytraveladventure-mytraveladventure.blogspot.com)

The boatman then told us to wear our lifevests. Seeing Santa about to sit beside me, I blurted out: “Hindi na ata kailangan." (That won't be necessary.) Honestly, he looked big enough to be my floater!

Suddenly, Santa turned to me and said, “Bakit? Kakapit ka na lang?!" (Why? You'll just hang on to me?!)

@_@ fdjklasfjdksal;fdjks;afjlkdsa!!!

I died.

I couldn’t believe he understood me... and could speak in Filipino! It was the longest boat ride.

Me and my big mouth.

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