Saturday, August 18, 2012

Preparing to be Stranded in the Office

I've always had extra clothes at work for just-in-case moments. But after being stranded in the office for two consecutive nights due to the floods, I've decided to be extra prepared.

Just in case I'm stranded in the office (again).

Clothes good enough for 3 days!
(Clothes for work and sleep, a jacket, undies, socks, hankies, and toiletries including shower stuff)

The backpack's in the office already. I've got slippers, rubber shoes, and a cell phone charger there, too. But I'm still not done preparing! I think I've got to do this quickly.

What's missing:
  • A warm fuzzy blanket
  • Sleeping bag
  • Food stuff

Any suggestions on what else to prepare?

The good thing about it is that if there's an impromptu overnight trip, I'm prepared!

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