Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thuan Duc Hotel | Ho Chi Minh City

Thuan Duc Hotel is a great deal for
~Php 520 a night!
Regardless of one's budget, finding accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City isn’t a problem. The city never seems to run out!

Here, the locals usually live in four to five-storey buildings with narrow openings that run deep inside. Most of these have many rooms, which the owners convert into a hotel. Talk about putting resources to good use!

If you’re looking for a place that’s decent, affordable, one that’s pretty near major landmarks, and is in a “happening” place, try staying at Thuan Duc Hotel along the backpackers’ area.

This is ideal if you’re traveling alone or in a small group.

I stumbled upon this through hostelworld.com.

General Info:

1. Single room has bigger-than-normal double bed, aircon, fan, fridge, hot/cold water and WiFi!
2. Cost per night for a single room for 1 person = 236,250 VND (~Php 520)
3. 10-minute walk to Ben Thanh market
4. Along backpackers’ area: food trip galore, lots of places to drink, and souvenir shops!
5. Fair exchange rate at front desk: $100 USD = 2,080,000 VND
6. Book tours: City tour, Cao Dai temple, Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong River, etc.

The Single Room is very straight forward.

Great deal for ~Php 520 a night! 
Basic washroom with hot and cold water.
There's soap provided but I suggest bringomg your own, including shampoo.

House rules


The view from the 4th floor

The backpackers' area is very alive at night! This is Bui Vien St.!
Getting to Thuan Duc from the airport: 

1. 25-minute taxi ride from the airport. Cost = 150,000 VND (~Php 300) 

Ride the Vinasun Taxi

2. Official address is at Pham Ngu Lao St., but request to get off at Bui Vien St. It’s easier to get to Thuan Duc from there without getting lost in the alleys. 

Bui Vien St. during the day

3. At Bui Vien St., get off at Mini Stop 

Get off here! There's only one Mini Stop along Bui Vien St. 

4. Walk into an alley directly across Mini Stop. The entrance of the alley has a blue sign. 

Directly across Mini Stop. Walk into this alley!

5. Just go straight until you reach the end of the alley. Thuan Duc hotel will be on your left.


Note: Alleys may be a bit scary at night. Although it seems safe, it’s still best if you’re with a friend.

Quick Tips:

1. If you’re arriving late at night (like I did), inform the hotel. Even if the hotel seems closed when you get there, just ring the doorbell on the wall to the right. They’ll be waiting for you. 

2. Thuan Duc (“Twang Duc”) is named after the small town where Mrs. Loh is from. 

Mrs. Loh owns the hotel and she's always at the front desk.
3. Request for the lower floors. Since there are no elevators, travelers may have a hard time bringing luggage up to the 4th floor.

4. Pay 10% DP online through credit card, then pay balance upon arrival in USD or VND 

Travelers will need to fill in this form upon arrival.

5. Bottled water is cheaper in the hotel!

6 VND for the big one (~Php 12), 3 VND for the smaller one (~Php 6)

 219/26 Pham Ngu Lao St., Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Tel: +84 8 38374219
Email: thuanduchotel@yahoo.com
Book here!


  1. mura talaga accomodation sa vietnam.sayang di ako natuloy,next time na lang

  2. Hi Melvin, oo. Mura talaga! Sayang hindi ka natuloy. It's worth visiting :) ok din for eat, pray, love :) hehe

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  4. Hi Henson..Im just wondering if the bottled water is actually truly 6 VND or 60 VND? Correct me if I am wrong. Because if your information is true, then it crazily is cheap! :-0

    1. Hi Citi!

      Yep, the bottled water I bought was really 6 VND--not 60 VND. Crazily cheap, indeed! The smaller one's even cheaper.


  5. wow, that place is fit for royalty.It feels a bit intimidating to be in such an environment.
    Hotel Design

  6. Great Help! for my DIY tour in ho chi minh this coming December... Thank you so much Henson!!!Keep it up! 100 thumbs up for you.