Saturday, September 29, 2012

Looking Forward to the new Puerto Princesa Int'l Airport

I can't wait for the major improvement of the existing Puerto Princesa airport!

As of late last year, P-Noy (Philippine President Benigno Aquino III) has already approved the Php 4.5 billion project. Construction will start late this year (Source).

The current international airport in Puerto Princesa is looking forward to its make-over!

By 2015, here are some of the new facilities to look forward to in the new international airport (Source):
  1. Passenger terminal building
  2. Control tower
  3. Administration & operation building
  4. Cargo terminal building
  5. Rescue & fire fighting building 
  6. Connecting taxiways
  7. Upgrade of the existing 2.6 km runway and its strip
  8. Provision of new navigational and traffic control equipment.

Here's what the current airport looks like as of August 2012:

The entrance leading to the departure area.

It's so crowded inside.

The beauty on the outside.

I hope the new international airport doesn't disappoint!

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