Friday, September 14, 2012

Parachute-thingies while Ziplining

We were at Ugong Rock for some ziplining action.

Another group was up. I noticed that all of them had a parachute-like contraption at the back—something that none our group had.

Turns out that if you’re above a certain weight (or if you’re on the heavier side), you’re given that parachute-thingy so you don’t go down uncontrollably fast.

Being slightly weight-conscious lately, I told my friend, “I’m so proud of myself for not having a parachute!!!”

Suddenly, my friend’s eyes widened and frantically gestured for me to zip it.

Turns out the big group who had parachutes heard me!

@_@ fdjklasfjdksal;fdjks;afjlkdsa!!!

Me and my big mouth... again.

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