Thursday, September 27, 2012

Riding the Fastest Zipline in the Philippines

The fastest zipline in the Philippines is in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
It lets riders go up to16 meters per second for a total of 22 seconds.

Imagine the rush as you’re zipped through the air at sixteen meters per second. Pure adrenaline for 22 seconds! It’s longer than you can scream!

That’s ziplining at Ugong Rock Adventures—the fastest zipline in the Philippines.

We requested for the van to bring us here after the Underground River tour.
Ugong Rock Adventures is in Bgy. Tagabinet.

After a brief orientation from the staff of Ugong Rock, we were advised to put on our heavy-duty gloves and helmet. Funny how we tried to match the helmets with our outfits.

But before we reached the jump-off point for the zipline, we had to climb up the cave to get there. It's a 40-minute adventure. Get ready to sweat!

Before entering the cave, our guide led us in a short prayer.
Unusual and kinda scary.
This welcomed us after a few steps in the cave. Awesome!

Hear the sound of the rocks!
That's why the rocks here are called Ugong!

"Humility Rock"
Careful! It's quite sharp!

We then entered this cave.

Getting ready to climb!
(Photo from Ada de Pedro)

Climbing the steep rocks with the help of heavy-duty ropes. Not too hard.
Best to wear sandals to avoid slipping.

Step by step!

Careful! Some of the rocks are really sharp. My back got scratched.

Exhausted! Group pic before doing any more climbing.

The rewarding view from the top!

All sweaty from climbing.
There's alcohol and a first-aid kit ready in case you need it.

Those who opt not to zipline going down can always go back down through the cave again. But I'd recommend going down the zipline for experience! Face your fears!

All strapped and ready to zipline! I was really nervous!

The "oh-em-gee" moment of our trip.

My happy-nervous look!
I regret not buying the official photo souvenir.

Tour Costs
Ziplining and caving at Ugong Rock Adventures costs Php 450 per person. Gloves and helmets are inclusive already. For those who opt not to go ziplining, the cost is Php 250. 

This wasn't part of our tour package with the hotel.

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  1. i wish we also tried this one last month. nice blog :)

  2. Sayang! It was an experience talaga.
    Thanks for dropping by!