Saturday, September 8, 2012

What to buy in Puerto Princesa aside from Cashew

Palawan is considered the cashew capital of the Philippines so buying this is a must.

Cashew Nuts and Cashew Tarts
Php 180 and Php 100 respectively
Mercado de San Miguel

Here are other items you can buy as pasalubong aside from cashew:

1. Bamboo Rainmaker
It makes the prettiest rain-like sound and it's a nice souvenir. Mine was a gift from our hotel. I always thought that the rainmaker was a native Palawan artifact but reading this article, it's not. 

Price: ~Php 25 depending on size
Where: Rizal Ave. / Mercado de San Miguel 

2. Manunggul Jar replica
It was amazing to see one in the Palawan Museumnot just in textbooks. It's a burial jar from the Manunggul Cave during 800 B.C.. It shows that early Filipinos believed in an afterlife.

Price: Php 150
Where: Valencia St. (near Duchess Pension Inn)

3. Nutshell figurine
I bought this awkward-looking thing because I found it cute... and I like stuff that can be put on display. I particularly how natural materials were used like nut shells or a little seashell. 

Price: Php 130
Where: Valencia St., (near Duchess Pension Inn)

4. Cultural Items made by Batak Tribe
The Batak is a diminishing tribe in Palawan a few hours away from Puerto Princesa. I love the stuff that the tribe members made: the intricately woven basket, the wooden top, necklace, and wood bark!

Price: Wooden Top (Php 30); Bark (Php 50); Basket (Php 60); Necklace (Php 100)
Where: Batak Village Center, Tanabag

5. Fresh Honey
Palawan is also known for its honey. I had a hard time looking for it since it's currently not in season. There will be lots during April-May. I ended up finding some at the Iwahig Prison! Super yum!

Price: Php 175
Where: Iwahig Prison Souvenir Shop

6. Wooden Necklace
Even if slightly overpriced, I bought this cute necklace made by Iwahig inmates. Through their work, they've proven to be very talented craftsmen! Help support the Iwahig inmates. Proceeds go to them.

Price: Php 150
Where: Iwahig Prison Souvenir Shop

7. Iwahig Inmate Shirt
My friend bought matching shirts for her and her boyfriend! Nice! Cheaper at the shop right outside prison. My advice: just don't wear it around Manila! Police might think that you're an escaped inmate!

Price: Php 250 - 400
Where: Recreation Hall @ Iwahig Prison or Shawn 1225 Souvenir Shop (outside Iwahig Prison)

For those who have been to Puerto Princesa, what are stuff worth buying?


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