Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Advocacy for Boy Wander?

I won’t deny feeling kilig (giddy?) when my entry on The Bataks of Palawan was reposted on Rappler.

Perhaps it was seeing that byline—something that I never imagined on any publication. Writing has always been one of my insecurities. 

But beyond the giddiness, I felt a sense of fulfillment and hope—that through a humble entry, people would learn about the Bataks, their problems, and how they can be of help.

My entry on the Bataks of Palawan reposted on Rappler!

I was glad that some people commented and asked questions about the article when it was shared on Rappler's Facebook page. It meant that somehow, they cared. It was a fun discussion.

Engaging readers in a friendly discussion.
(Image from Rappler's Facebook page)

Say hello to Boy Wander 15 pounds ago! The little write-up about me at the end of the article.

I remember starting this blog as a trivial outlet because I was heartbroken. Then it evolved into what it is now: Boy Wander, a travel blog that chronicles my wanderings while helping people plan their trips better.

Perhaps it'd be nice if this blog went beyond helping people plan their trips. What if it could spark change as well? Could Boy Wander give a voice to the voiceless? Help raise awareness for issues that deserve attention? Serious food for thought here.

What do you think?

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