Saturday, October 27, 2012

Places to Eat in Coron, Palawan

PALAWAN, Philippines  Maybe my taste buds were acting up but I didn't really enjoy the food in Coron. 

The food tasted... well, normal. Average, perhaps. It was generally expensive, too. Meals averaged at Php 250. Good thing the restos were walking distances from each other.

Here's where I ate:

1. Sea Dive Resort
This is the place to be if you're not into Filipino food and you'd like to see foreigners. Wi-Fi is free, too! Food is pretty good compared to others and there's a wide variety of choices.

Try the spicy chicken carbonara. The sauce is a bit wet but it's not bad. Look at the chili!

Sea Dive Resort
(Photo on the left from

2. Bistro Coron
It's an ideal place to pig-out after snorkeling the entire day. Servings are quite big. Pizzas here are said to be the best but I'd like to try the ones at Sea Dive before concluding.

Order the Bistro Coron Special. The 10-inch pizza is Php 299. Can't believe I finished it by myself.

Bistro Coron
National Highway, Barangay 5 (beside Swagman Travel)

3. Public Market
There are lots of little eateries here for those with extra tight budgets. I walked around and saw the locals crowding around this food stall. I ended up snacking on a fried jalapeno stick. 

Fried Jalapeno Sticks
Can't remember how much it cost. Php 12?

Coron Public Market

4. Kapemon
It's a quiet little place that it isn't really known. The food here is quite good and very affordable, too. The downside is that it's a longer walk from the port area.

Their specialty is the chicken binakol. It's a chicken soup dish similar to tinola. Php 100. 

National Highway near San Agustin Church

5. Food Trip
The place known for its sizzling plates. Average meal here is Php 250. Try its famous Sultana Plate. It's a mixed seafood sizzling plate. Not bad, though I'm not a fan of seafood. 

Food Trip
Near Harbour Center and Coron Public Market

5. Ice Valley
I think this is the only dessert place in town. It's a cute place to hang-out in for merienda or after dinner. I came mostly for the air-con and free Wi-Fi.

The mixed fruit halo-halo is ideal for sharing. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I didn't have anyone to share it with. It's Php 250.

Ice Valley
National Highway beside Centro Coron

6. Dad's Coronzy Coffee & Tea
To me, this seemed like the ideal breakfast place just because they served homey breakfast items and is near Xpedition, the place where I booked all my tours. 

I think I ordered the Maling-silog. It cost roughly around Php 120.

Dad's Coronzy Coffee & Tea
National Highway (beside Centro Coron)
(Image on the left from 

7. Centro Coron
The place boasts of pink salmon and its many health benefits like helping prevent cancer, alleviating arthritis and reducing the risk of heart disease. There I was convinced that pink salmon was a specialty of Coron *facepalm*. But really, it's imported from a different country. 

 Order the Pink Salmon sa Miso. 2-3 people can share this. Cost is Php 350.

Centro Coron
National Highway (in between Dad's Coronzy and Ice Valley)

Why don't you give these a try? Maybe my taste buds were really screwed at the time.


  1. Hmmm.Maybe your taste buds working well because you're not the only one to say such things about Seadive. Ms Tinah of traveldineexplorelife also said the same thing.

    Think will have to check our must-visit list we provide to clients. thanks for this post.

    1. Hi Seacologia!

      In my opinion, there wasn't anything worth recommending as a must-eat place in Coron. (Though someone please inform me if there's an extra awesome place to eat now.) Overall, while the food wasn't *that* bad, it wasn't great either. Just average. Nothing special.

      Regarding Sea Dive, the food was better than most of the other places in Coron...though the carbonara wasn't superb. Still below Manila standards. I'd still recommend it to travelers--especially foreigners. The ambiance is nice and there's WiFi anyway.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Wow a complete guide to good food in Coron. Wish I had seen this earlier. :)

    1. Hi Farah!

      Thanks! Too bad the food there in general was so-so. Wish there was a guide featuring all yummy places to eat.

      Where were you able to eat? :)



  3. Wow! Should've seen this post before flying to Coron. Lolo Nonoy's also a good food place. :)

    1. Hey Kristoff!

      Is it? Too bad I wasn't able to try it! Thanks for leaving a comment :)