Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tree Bark from the Batak Tribe | Palawan

Tree bark can be used as a table runner, as clothes, or art!
(Photo by Gonzy Santos)

One of the items being sold at the Batak Center in Tanabag, Palawan, is the tree bark. This is one of the Batak tribe's form of income. Depending on the quality, a yard ranges from Php 50 - Php 80.


Tree barks can be used as table runners or even as art. It was even mentioned that these were bought in bulk to make costumes for GMA 7's show Amaya. As to how true this is or whose costume it was, I'm not so certain.

Amaya costumes made from tree bark?
(Photo from

I actually saw some paintings hung around the Batak Center. Sadly, it wasn't very impressive. It was one of those pieces where you can proudly say, "I can do better than that!"  

Some of the Batak's artwork using tree bark.

I bought some for my artist-friend as pasalubong. Here's what he did with it!

A Study by Gonzy Santos

"Baby Blue" by Gonzy Santos

There's just so much potential in the tree bark, which the Batak can use for a steady income. If only they knew how to paint... or if only someone or an organization orders from them regularly.

For inquiries or orders, contact Irene (0908-6719699) or Noni (0929-3966044).

Here are some tree bark paintings from around the world. Beautiful! 

(Photo from

(Photo from c/o Karen Elwell)

(Photo from

(Photo from c/o Lutz Foerster)

(Photo from

How else do you think these bark can help the Batak?

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