Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What to buy in Coron

PALAWAN, Philippines  There's a lot to buy in Coron but nothing really unique to the place. 

Here are some of the things we bought:

1. Bandi 
If you're looking for a cashew product that's pretty uncommon, try bandi. It's a native delicacy that's subtly sweet and reminds me of pili nut brittle.

Price: Php 100
Where: L. Escarda' Coron Harvest

Coron's pride. With Lita Escarda (center), the first person to market cashew nuts in Coron.
She's literally a tourist attraction! Look at all the photos with famous personalities at the back!

In general, roasted cashews in Coron are twice as expensive compared to Puerto Princesa. A big bag sells for Php 350 while the same size sells for Php 180 in Puerto Princesa. But I'd still recommend buying it. After all, Palawan is the cashew capital of the Philippines.

2. Wooden jewelry and crafts
There's a lot of woodwork talent in Coron. Necklaces here are very intricate and unique. So are the other items on display! A bit pricey, though.

Price: ~Php 300+
Where: Kuweba Arts and Crafts
(Necklaces here are examples only as photos weren't allowed inside)

3. Danggit (Rabbit fish)
I noticed that the danggit in Coron is extra large. Ate some for breakfast and it was pretty good! My friends bought these as pasalubong. I didn't bother buying since we don't eat danggit at home.

Price: ~Php 135 for one bag
Where: Coron Public Market
Vendors pack it extra well so it can be taken on the plane. 

4. Miscellaneous items
We stopped over at the Coron Souvenir & Gift shop. My friends bought a lot of stuff. I didn't buy anything since nothing really amused me.

Price: Rainsticks - Php 25+
(These were Php 12 in Puerto Princesa!)
Where: Coron Souvenir & Gift Shop

Other items found in the souvenir shop:


The only thing that amused me in the shop was this:

Close, are we?


  1. You can get Coron, Palawan souvenir items here you can order online as low as 180 PHP to 280 PHP at www.souvenirrepublic.com

    1. Hi, Souvenir Republic! Do you have a physical store? :)

  2. recommend that shop ang galing kasi pweding tumawad sa kanila.