Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Affordable Tour Packages in Coron

PALAWAN, Philippines  If you're looking for a credible group that offers affordable tour packages in Coron, try Calamianes Expeditions & Ecotours.

While planning for my trip, I had a hard time scouting for affordable tour packages online. It was also challenging to find deals for a solo traveler like me. Unfortunately, tours packaged with accommodations were way too expensive.

Good thing I came across Expeditions. They offered various tour packages that made my wallet smile.

Click to enlarge in a new window! It's hi-res!
(Image from Al and Mae Linsangan)

Click to enlarge in a new window! It's hi-res!
(Image from Al and Mae Linsangan)

For first timers in Coron or for those who only have one whole day for tours, go for Tour B-1. It isn't called  the "Coron Island Ultimate Experience" for nothing. Six destinations, including the world-famous Kayangan Lake, for only Php 650! Learn more about it here.

The Expeditions office is located on San Agustin St., which is a 5 minute walk to the boat station.

Snorkeling gear can be rented here for Php 150 a day. 

Touring with Expeditions is ideal if you're traveling alone or with a small group. It saves you the hassle of renting a boat, buying your own food, and paying entrance fees each time you reach a destination.

Since I was alone, my concern was that I wouldn't meet the minimum number of participants specified. But most often than not, strangers would avail of the same tour, making us meet the minimum. If not, cost increases but the tour still pushes through. 

If you're traveling with three or more people, renting a private boat and buying your own food at the public market may be more cost efficient.

My friends rented a huge outrigger boat for Php 3,000.
They also bought their own food from the public market, which they asked the boatman to prepare. 

Tours with Expeditions are inclusive of a licensed tour boat, life vest, lunch, fruits and drinks, entrance fees, and a tour assistant. Here, the boatmen play the role of tour assistants. Sadly, information wasn't volunteered. We had to ask to get answerseven where we were headed! 

Perhaps with more training, boatmen can become better tour guides. 

Tours would've been better if there were licensed tour guides. Take Puerto Princesa as an example. There, guides give endless spiels and trivia about the places we visited and would organize our time to maximize the day. This made tours more enriching, not the mention educational. 

With more training, perhaps the boatmen at Expeditions would become better assistants and guides. Of course, conversing in English should be a must for the foreigners' sake. Another option would be to hire actual tour guides! This is also a way to promote various eco-tourism principles.

What do you think? 

# 11 San Agustin St. Barangay Poblacion 3
Coron, Palawan
Philippines 5316

Contact Info:
Smart: +(63)919-9926766 / +(63)919-3054363 / +(63)920-2546553
Globe: +(63)917-5526766 / +(63)915-2543246
Landline: +(02)984-7795 

E-mail: corongaleri@yahoo.com

It's a 5-minute walk from the Expeditions office to the port.


  1. Great tour package for coron we can choose this place for in our tour package. its seem like beautiful and nice place.

    1. Hi Ski Tour Korea!

      Yes, Coron is a great place to explore! There are so many choices, too. And when I toured with Expeditions, there were around 4 Koreans with us.

      Happy travels!

  2. Thanks for your grateful informations, am working in Tourism Portal, so it will be helpful info for my works.

    1. Hi AJ!
      I'm glad that this helps you :)

  3. Wow nice suggestion for the joiners! By the way, is the food okay? :)

    1. Hi Aileen!

      The food wasn't bad. Simple lang. I remember there was lato, fish, then there was liempo... fruits. By lunch time, usually everyone's extra hungry from snorkeling so everything tastes good. Hehe.


    2. Do they reply right away in emails?

    3. Hi Aileen,
      I think so. Better to call them.. or text :)