Saturday, November 24, 2012

Being Emo on Mt. Tapyas

Mt. Tapyas
Coron, Palawan
PALAWAN, Philippines  One of the things I like about wandering off on my own is the quiet time I get to spend with myself.

Very emo, I know.

And emo I was in Coron. I spent hours on top of Mt. Tapyas overlooking the city and just staring out into the horizon. I wasn't problematic nor was I depressed. It seemed like the perfect place to just... think. I took in deep breaths and tried to relax.

Or maybe I'm just out of shape!

Going up Mt. Tapyas shouldn't be missed in Coron. It's worth the climb.

The starting point of the 20-minute ascent.

The basketball court before Tapyas Trail's flight of stairs. You can see the cross from here!

The steps are pretty normal. There's just a lot of them.

So near yet so far!

The famous cross.

The viewing deck! There are benches to sit on if you're tired.

Panoramic view of Coron Town.

There's a smaller viewing deck nearby. Don't miss out!

The view from the small viewing deck. It was raining from a distance.

From inside the viewing deck.

There was a group of travelers who wore the same shoes! Uniform?

The rain's coming!

It's best to climb Mt. Tapyas to catch the sunrise or sunset after going out on tour.

The entrance leading to Tapyas Trail is on San Agustin St. / Malvar St. cor Nueva St. It's not hard to find. It's actually on the same street as Calamianes Expeditions & Ecotours.

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