Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Coron Island Ultimate Tour

The Coron Island Ultimate Tour covers six destinations around Coron Island for just Php 650!

PALAWAN, Philippines  It isn't called the "Coron Island Ultimate Tour" for nothing. 

This can't be missed, especially for first timers or for those who only have one whole day for tours. It covers six destinations around Coron Island, including the world-famous Kayangan Lake. 

Here they are in order:

1. Hidden Lagoon (15 minutes away from port)
As the name suggests, it's literally a hidden lagoona big one at that. Take a dip and bask in its beauty. It's interesting how the water is cold on the surface but warm below. Not much fish here.

Even on a cloudy September day, the place is still magnificent. 

In the lagoon looking at the discreet exit towards the right. 

This tree just drew me in.

Our boatman preparing for our departure.

2. Calachuchi Coral Eden (3 minutes away from Hidden Lagoon)
Maybe I was on the wrong side of the islet but I didn't see the "Eden" that I imagined. Sadly, the corals were mostly dead but the colorful fish made up for it.

Landmark of the Coral Eden

Some of the fish that were there.

3. Kayangan Lake (3 minutes away from Calachuchi Coral Eden)
This is where travelers get to see the iconic postcard shot of Coron. Climb a few (slightly steep) steps to enjoy the majestic view. After regaining your breath and a going on a short descent, a magnificent lake awaits. Go swim and enjoy the clear, fresh water. 

I fell in love with Kayangan Lake the first time I was there 10 years ago. I promised myself that I'd be back. This was it.

Kayangan Lake on a cloudy day.

Look how clear the water is!

Have a grand time swimming! Fresh water!

For more pictures of perhaps the cleanest lake in the Philippines, click here!

4. Isla Bulungan (2 minutes away from Kayangan Lake)
This islet used to be the home of a great Tagbanua healer. The name "Bulungan" was derived from the native root word "bulung", which means "to heal." It's also referred to as Calachuchi Beach.

Lunch was served here. Huts have been constructed for travelers to lounge around and eat lunch in. 

Isla Bulungan from the waters

The hut where we had lunch in

Some of the food that was served, which was part of the tour.
The lato or grape-like seaweed (upper left) was extra gooey when bitten. Yum!

View from the hut

5. Twin Peaks Reef (5 minutes away from Bulungan Island)
Here's where we found Nemoand an overload of other fish! For me, this was the most ideal place for fish-feeding. They'd literally swarm around you and would even pluck the bread out of your hand! 

Twin Peaks


The swarm of fish! Intense!

6. CYC Beach (10 minutes from Twin Peaks Reef)
This is a laid-back place to enjoy the sun, sand, and waters. It's a nice place to cap the tour. I would've wanted to spend more time here if not for tour mates who seemed hurried to get back on land.  

CYC from the waters.


At the back of the island.

View from CYC.

Tour Costs and Contact Details
  • Php 650 / pax with Calamianes Expeditions & Ecotours (as of September 16, 2012).
  • Inclusive of licensed tour boat, life vest, lunch, fruits, water, entrance fees, tour assistant. 
  • Minimum of 5 people to avail Php 650 cost otherwise, cost increases.

Going with Expeditions on this whole-day tour is ideal if you're traveling alone or with a small group. It saves you the hassle of renting a boat and buying your own food.

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