Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Return to Kayangan Lake

PALAWAN, Philippines — I fell in love with Kayangan Lake 10 years ago and promised to return. 

This was it. 

Kayangan Lake is where travelers go to see the iconic postcard shot of Coron. The lake is part of the Tagbanua people's ancestral domain and it's only a 20-minute boat ride from the boat station.

Kayangan Lake is considered the cleanest lake in the Philippines. I also heard that it's one of the cleanest in Asia. As to how true this is, I'm not too sure. But judging from the extra clear water, I wouldn't be surprised if it is.   

Here's my return to Kayangan Lake:

For tour details, click here!


  1. you take such great pics henny penny!

  2. Hi Boy Wonder, how much is the boat ride average fare? I'm planning to go there myself but not on a tour as I want my own itinerary. Thanks and best regards, Rani. (

    1. Hi Rani,

      On my fourth day in Coron, I rented a boat for myself and explored Malcapuya and Banana Island. I was able to rent one at the public market for Php 2,000. The cost doesn't include food and entrance fees. But don't worry, you'll have a guide.

      For any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.



    2. Hi Henson, Mr. Boy Wander. May i ask of the contact number of the person with boat for rent pls? If you have :). I'd like to have my own itinerary too.

      Shar シ.

    3. Hello, Shar!

      Unfortunately, I don't have the contact details of the boatman. This was part of the a tour I availed. Here's the contact details of the tour group:

      Calamianes Expeditions & Ecotours
      # 11 San Agustin St. Barangay Poblacion 3
      Coron, Palawan
      Philippines 5316

      Contact Info:
      Smart: +(63)919-9926766 / +(63)919-3054363 / +(63)920-2546553
      Globe: +(63)917-5526766 / +(63)915-2543246
      Landline: +(02)984-7795

      Hope this helps.