Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Share a Boat, Win a Friend

Everything happens for a reason.
I guess it wasn't so bad that I was refused a ride
going to Malcapuya. 
PALAWAN, Philippines  Thinking about that September day in Coron still makes me smile. Everything does happen for a reason.

On my fourth day alone, I planned to tour Malcapuya and Banana Island. Expeditions & Ecotours didn't have a trip scheduled plus a solo tour was too expensive. To save money, they advised me to go to the port to try and hitch with people going to Malcapuya on their own.

So I did.

Unfortunately, a group of Pinoy tourists refused to let me join them. They even had their own "tribal council" to vote me out. I felt bad considering that I offered to pay for my share of the boat and would even bring my own food. But I couldn't blame them.

I ended up renting my own boat and headed out on my own. It felt liberating but painful to the pocket.

In Malcapuya, my boat was parked beside the boat that I was hoping to ride on.
I even saw the group that rejected me there.

There, I overheard a boatman telling his passengers that their boat had a problem. The gas leaked completely and their boat was now unusable. They were officially stranded and had to find another way to get back to town. 

I approached the group. I apologized for overhearing their conversation but I told them that if they needed a ride, they were free to join me. After all, I had the boat to myself. 

They accepted my offer and that's how I "adopted" them for the day. 

I made four new friends that day: Maan, her sister Gian, and their boyfriends Jhonard and Jhay-R. They were really nice and down-to-earth. Funny, too! 

(L-R) Maan, Jhonard, Jhay-R, and Gian
They invited me to a yummy lunch on their boat.

After lunch, we moved to my boat and headed to Banana Island.
Jhonard prepared some drinks.

Sisters: Maan (left) and Gian (right)
That's our boatman at the back.

Group shot at Banana Island!
(Sorry for the poor photo!)

Enjoying the view while heading back to town.

Beautiful sunset.
A few minutes earlier, the weather was horrible!

After "adopting" them for the day, turns out they'd "adopt" me for the night. I had a bad stay at Krystal Lodge and needed a new place to stay. They gladly offered their room since there was so much space.

When I got my belongings and went to their hotel, I wasn't the only one in for a surprise. 

Maan, Gian, Jhay-R, and I had to wait outside the room because Jhonard had to "rush to the bathroom." When the door opened, candles and rose petals were all around. 

My initial reaction: "Ang susyal ng kwarto!" (The room's so elegant!)

Then Jhonard started singing a cheesy song.

Then it hit me. Jhonard was about to propose! (Guys, here's a simple yet romantic proposal idea while on vacation!)

"Will you marry me?"

"Totoo ba yan?!" (Is that real?!)
Maan's reaction when she saw the ring.

Rose petals and candles were hand-carried from Manila! 

The ring.

Congrats, Jhonard and Maan!

Dinner at Sea Dive to celebrate their engagement. Their treat.

Not to delve into the deeper meaning of life here, but yeah, everything does happen for a reason. Perhaps it wasn't so unfortunate that the other group refused to let me hitch. After all, who would've thought that my day would turn out the way it did? 

I guess in this case, it's true: share a boat and win a friendor four.


  1. T'was a nice story. I also went there alone, good thing Expeditions & Ecotours has schedule that day.
    kind sould earn friends there :)

    1. Hey VJ LG!
      Thanks! Good thing they had a scheduled trip that day!