Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Sunken Gunboat at Lusong Island, Coron

The Sunket Gunboat at Lusong Island
The Japanese gunboat bombed during WWII is now a popular snorkeling spot.

PALAWAN, Philippines  The water felt extra cold as I swam near the sunken ship. It was surreal. Breathtaking. Scary, even.

The feeling was like swimming in an aquarium with one of those sunken ship decorsonly this was real. It was my first time to see one up close.

My imagination went wild as I stared at the boat. I kept imagining that fateful day 70 years ago when it was bombed. What if something went peek-a-boo underwater?

I didn't want to imagine what could go peek-a-boo through these windows. 

The Japanese gunboat sunk in front of Lusong Island in Coron. It's around 40 meters long, which lies in waters around 10 meters deep.

The position of the ship underwater.
(Image from

It's interesting how the ship is so close to the surface! During low tide, they say that the boat's tip is exposed.

View from the surface.

Snorkeling around the area was a visual feast. Of course there was the sunken ship... but there were plenty of colorful fish and corals around.   

I was scared to touch the wreck with my hand. Used my feet instead.
(Careful! Lots of sharp edges!) 

Tour Costs and Contact Details
  • Php 990 / pax with Calamianes Expeditions & Ecotours (as of September 17, 2012).
  • Inclusive of licensed tour boat, life vest, lunch, fruits, water, entrance fees, tour assistant. 
  • "Tour G" also includes Calumbuyan Island and Coral Garden 
  • Minimum of 5 people to avail Php 990 cost otherwise, cost increases.

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  1. hey, how did you take pics underwater?
    is it a special underwater camera?

    1. Hi Bosky!

      I used my normal camera and put it inside a special underwater case :)