Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Archiving Photos

MANILA, Philippines  I swear. It's painful to lose photos!

This is why I always make a back-up of all the photos I take. While most of them are stored in an external hard drive for safekeeping, I still make copies in CDs or DVDs just in case.

Archiving photos used to be a monthly activity. Now, I find myself doing it once every two years. Not good at all. Risky, too!

Just last night, I finished doing a back-up of all my photos in 2011. 

CDs are kept in albums, which are labeled with little pieces of paper (oftentimes recycled).

Messy table while preparing for back-up.
Essentials: CDs/DVDs, DVD burner, pen and paper for labeling, laptop, external hard drive, CD album.

The way I do it isn't perfect and can be improved. Searching for photos can be a pain especially if I don't remember when I took it. I'd have to manually go through the CD album just to find it. 

Do you archive your photos? If so, how?

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