Friday, December 28, 2012

Camping in Borawan?

MANILA, Philippines  If it weren't for the bad weather lately, I would've taken up my friend's offer to go camping in Borawan tomorrow.

Borawan Island is in Quezon province.
By the looks of it, it's a merger between Boracay and Palawan!
(Photo from Cellan SkunkWorks, 

The two-day camping trip includes visiting six islands for just around Php 1,000! Again, if only it would stop raining in Quezon. But sadly, it won't, according to recent weather reports.

I just hope I don't regret not going.

See the 2D/1N itinerary my friend shared.


Day 1 - December 29 (Saturday)

02:00am – Assembly time @ JAC Liner, Kamias Station
02:30am – Boarding of Passenger ETD Manila to Lucena Grand Terminal
06:30am – ETA Lucena, Stopover at Lucena Grand terminal
07:30am – ETA Padre Burgos, Quezon
08:00am – ETA Laguimanoc Pier, Padre Burgos. board private bangka, island hopping starts.
~Lipata Island (Trek)
  • *MT. LIPATA ((427+) ~ [LLA: 13° 88.97N 121° 78.94 E, 130 MASL]
  • *Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail 1-2
~Puting Buhangin & Kwebang Lampas Island (swimming, snorkeling, brunch)
~Dampalitan Island (Overnight Camping)
Dinner, Camping, swimming, Campfire socials,beach bumming, star-gazing

Day 2 - December 30 (Sunday)

05:00am – Wake up call
~Mag-asawang Bato Island
~Borawan Island (famous for rock climbing and bouldering activity.)

    • Manila - Lucena Grand Terminal: Php218/pax (JAC Liner Bus)
    • Lucena Grand Terminal - Padre Burgos: Php35/pax (Mini Bus)
    • Padre Burgos - Laguimanoc Pier: Php7/pax (Tricycle)
    • Laguimanoc Pier - Padre Burgos: Php7/pax (Tricycle)
    • Padre Burgos - Lucena Grand Terminal: Php35/pax (Mini Bus)
    • Lucena Grand Terminal - Manila:Php218/pax via Bus (JAC Liner Bus)
    • Tour Guide: Php300 (good for 6pax)
    • Puting Buhangin Island: Php50/pax
    • Dampalitan Island:
      • Entrance fee: Php35/pax
      • Camping fee: Php150/tent (overnight)
      • Fresh Water: Php300/drum (good for 6pax)
  • BOAT FEE: Php 1800 (good for 6-10pax) includes:
    • Lipata Island
    • Puting Buhangin Island
    • Kwebang Lampas
    • Dampalitan Island
    • Mag-asawang Bato Island
    • Borawan Isalnd

SUMMARY OF EXPENSES (excluding food):
  • TOTAL (6pax) = Php 6,330
  • TOTAL (per pax) = Php 1,055 


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  3. Ask ko lang kung san kayo nakakuha ng contact nyong boatman? ang mura kasi 6 islands pa! Nagsearch ako, ung iba sa Vista playa restaurant kumuha ng boat para sa island hopping inabot ng 2k for 3 islands lang! And ung mga nabasa ko 2011 pa! naisip ko baka depende kung san kami kukuha ng boat for island hopping para makamura.. Remember mo pa po ba? Hehe salamat po...

    1. Hello!
      I asked my friend who shared me this itinerary. Unfortunately she doesn't have the contact details.

      She suggests asking the bus driver for referrals. May mga kakilala yan. At the time, they were dropped off in a random store.

      Hope this helps.


  4. Rhonz here! Thank you!

  5. thanks for the info s'Henson... will be in Borawan this weekend...

    1. Hi Wreckzsantos! Cool! Have an awesome time! Lemme know how it is there :)

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    Enjoy Island Hopping in Padre Burgos ( Borawan, Dampalitan, PUTING BUHANGIN )
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    Thank you 💜 💜 💜

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