Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve in Sta. Mesa

MANILA, Philippines  As kids, gift-giving used to be the most awaited part of Christmas eve.

I remember how we'd all sit anxiously around the Christmas tree waiting for presents to come our way. We'd even cheer every time someone got a gift!

But that was more than two decades ago.

Now that we're older, Christmas eve is spent enjoying each other's company. We'd simply eat dinner together and catch up on each others' lives. (Love life included!) No more gift-giving, no more cheering, and no more violently opening presentssave for the few kids.

Christmas eve with the Wong family!

Amidst change through the years, one thing constant in our Sta. Mesa ancestral home is the decades-old Christmas tree. It's the quiet figure in the house that has always been there with its gold trimmings and tarsier ornaments. Undeniably, it has been witness to our growing up... and sideways, even.

How did you spend Christmas eve?

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