Friday, December 21, 2012

Just a Drop!

MANILA, Philippines - "Don't go in the bathroom yet!"

I'm sure all of us have used this warning after going "number 2". It's pretty embarrassing having to drop a stink bomb when there are other people lining up to use the bathroom. It's worse if there aren't matches around.

Recently, my friend gave me this:

Just a Drop. The Personal Odour Eliminator.
It's awesome.

True to its name, just a drop in the toilet before delivering your "friends" off the "pool" eliminates the smell. No need to light matches or use air fresheners. You don't even need to stall your roommate anymore while waiting for the smell to subside.

Believe me. It works.

One drop in the toilet before you go eliminates the smell.
Php 79 for 6ml / Php 325 for 15ml @ True Value

Of all days, I tried it during an upset stomach. Yep. (Sorry, TMI?)

If you ask me, 90% of the smell was gone. That's great considering that we're talking about an upset stomach here! (And trust me. You know how mind blowing that can get.)

To prove it, I even had my little sister go in the bathroom immediately flushing. Thank God she came out alive! But really. She hardly noticed anything.

I'm definitely bringing this on my next trip.

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